Christian Life

Sep 21

Becoming an Old Soul Christian by Jared C. Wilson

Life is not about being in control or asserting your ambitions. It’s about knowing the One who made you. Because, at the end, nobody can go with you into the end but him.

Sep 21

The Siblinghood of the Saints by Allyson Todd

We do not exist to be used by one another but rather loved by one another.

Sep 14

Recovering the Lost Art of Edification by Jared C. Wilson

The spirit of the age is all about biting and devouring. But you and I are different. Aren’t we?

Sep 9

Good Works Are Not Your Problem by Jim Elliff

It’s God’s eternal purpose for you to bear the fruit of love by serving one another through the indwelling Spirit.

Sep 3

We Need Wisdom, Not Wealth by Michael Abraham

You may think you need wealth, but you don’t need it and God hasn’t promised it.

Sep 2

Hospitality for Gospel Advance by Steve Burchett

Hospitality was vital to gospel advance in Paul’s life

Sep 1

Honoring Those We Disagree With by Jim Essian

In our post-Christian culture, Christians sometimes get caught up in playing too nice with ideas, out of a desire to play nice with people.

Aug 31

The Permanence of God’s Kingdom by Grace Pike

Can you imagine such a kingdom? A place perpetually filled with the light?

Aug 28

Sticktoitiveness and the Christian Life by David Prince

Sticktoitiveness isn’t easy. However, you may be surprised to learn that God says its necessary.

Aug 27

10 Flavors of Works-Based Salvation by Ed Moore

The idea of contributing to one’s own salvation is universal. It’s the engine which propels every religion.