Christian Life

Jan 13

He Leads for His Sake by Kole Farney

No matter what is happening, we can believe and confess that the Lord reigns by himself and for himself

Jan 8

Remembering God’s Faithfulness in the Face of a Detour by Dave Harvey

Do you trust God’s faithfulness to deliver again in the midst of your daily detours?

Jan 7

Keeping Your Lamp Ready for Christ’s Return by Leslie Schmucker

Here are five ways to keep our lamps trimmed while we wait for Jesus’s return.

Jan 5

Divine Aseity and Your Day-to-Day by Ronni Kurtz

There is nothing more practical for Christians than a grand vision of God.

Jan 4

3 Ways the Gospel Encourages Weary Christians by Jared C. Wilson

The gospel breathes life into every believer’s weary spirit primarily in three ways.

Dec 28

Finish the Year Weak by Jared C. Wilson

You don’t have to have what it takes.

Dec 21

How to Overcome Temptation by Jared C. Wilson

Thanks to Jesus, temptation doesn’t have to be our undoing.

Dec 1

How Can I Counsel Those with Anxiety, Loneliness, or Depression? by Gunner Gunderson

Help people live one day at a time, looking to God for manna each morning and mercies like the dew.

Dec 1

What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian?: A Book Review by Michael Abraham

Series: Book Reviews

After handing a brand new believer a Bible and a membership directory, I might just hand them this book.

Nov 27

What About Me Right Now? by David Prince

Sometimes we prefer the safety of our misery to the promises of God.