Christian Life

Jun 18

Contentment Isn’t Passive by Megan Hill

Whether the Lord brings us unexpected circumstances or asks us to remain faithful in familiar ones, we trust he will bring only what is best.

Jun 15

When It Seems Your Life Is Going Nowhere by Scott Sauls

If only we knew now what we will one day know about our own work and how it fits into God’s overall plan to save and heal the world.

Jun 10

Calling My Prejudice By Its Name by Allyson Todd

I could never ask my African American brothers and sisters to trust that I will fight against systemic racism if I don’t first confess that I have sinned against them, and ultimately against the Lord.

Jun 9

Busy Unlike Jesus by Jim Elliff

Becoming like fast-paced executives really doesn’t impress God. 

Jun 9

Distinctively Christian Stewardship by Paul Alexander

The Christian steward is not a miser, but a maximizer of delegated assets for God’s glory in and through the churches. Which one are you?

Jun 9

Peace in an Age of Outrage by Jonathan Dodson

A peacemaker’s ultimate goal is neither to be right nor to be liked but to move towards Christ in forgiveness and truth so all can flourish.

Jun 2

Episode 085: Kristen Wetherell on Fighting Your Fears by Jared C. Wilson and Kristen Wetherell

On this episode of the For The Church Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with author Kristen Wetherell about her new book Fight Your Fears and how the gospel helps us in the daily battle to stand firm.

May 26

Heading Home by Grace Pike

For the follower of Christ, our understanding of “home” and the decisions we make based on that understanding are crucial and complex. 

May 26

Let Us All Be Hospitable by Courtney Reissig

The Christian images God in many ways, but one of the ways all of us can show the world what he is like is through our practice of hospitality.

May 25

Theological Triage, Yes. How about Emotional Triage, Too? by Jonathon Woodyard

Paying attention to the proper emotional response to any given discussion of doctrine will help us love our brothers and sisters in more Christ-like ways.