Dec 1

Advent Day 1: Before the Foundation by Ronnie Martin

Series: Advent

A Daily Advent Series at For the Church

Dec 18

All I Want For Christmas by Ronnie Martin

It’s the life-light of Jesus that helps us want what we need more than wanting what we want.

Dec 17

A Thrill of Hope by Jared C. Wilson

If the festivities of Christmas are proving too weak an antidote for what ails you, I want to help you for a moment look beyond the wrapping to the Gift

Dec 10

Episode 073: The Christmas Episode with Ronnie Martin by Jared C. Wilson and Ronnie Martin

On this special episode of the For The Church Podcast, Jared Wilson and guest Ronnie Martin talk all things Christmas.

Dec 2

What Did Mary Know? by Jason Kees

How often has God told us in the Scriptures that he is good, but we choose our own golden calf? 

Dec 24

Immanuel by Adam McClendon

We are in real danger of allowing the disappointments of life to discolor our understanding of God.

Dec 21

‘The Grinch’ And The Gospel by Grace Pike

Seasonal celebrations have become more about seeking peace, gaining a glimpse of beauty, upholding tradition, or experiencing some other common grace than celebrating God incarnate. 

Dec 17

Christmas Reminds Us That Jesus is God by Jared C. Wilson

Christians stand on this confession not because it is a sweet sentimentality at holiday time, but because we know that it is integral to Christ’s gospel.

Dec 14

A Baby, Yet Omnipresent by Jared C. Wilson

God cannot not be omnipresent. So for Jesus Christ to be God incarnate must not mean he was not also God omnipresent.

Dec 11

Advent: Two Kinds of Waiting at Once by Jessica Snell

Jesus’ first arrival made way for his second. The incarnation and the second coming are wound together.