Jun 15

My Sin Is Worse by Jessica Burke

Oh, my sin does affect every relationship I have, but God’s grace has the power to as well. 

Jun 9

God Still Shows Up in The Nazareths of This World by Tyler Greene

Jesus the Messiah brings the glory of heaven down to earth so that people—even people in the lowliest and most mundane places—may have direct access to God's presence.

May 6

Cultivating Church Planting During COVID19 by Corey O'Grady

While the days ahead may be uncertain to us, God’s power and mission are as sure and certain as ever.

May 6

Pastoral Shame and Stewardship During a Pandemic by Rusty McKie

COVID-19 may have shut up the doors of our homes, but no pandemic can shut the ears of our Father.

May 1

The Beauty That Still Remains by Grace Pike

In a world of various pains, fleeting pleasures, and endless vanities, the human heart longs for lasting beauty. 

Apr 29

Zoomed Out: Freedom from Consuming All the Resources During Quarantine by

There are many tasks to accomplish and there are many resources out there to accomplish them, but the most important task is to set your heart unto the Lord in this time. 

Apr 27

Navigating Different COVID-19 Recovery Convictions by Costi Hinn

If there is one word to describe how we must navigate re-assimilation amid COVID-19, it’s this: grace. 

Apr 23

A Plea for Churches to Continue Live Streaming After COVID-19 by Jeremy Gardiner

Though we all are looking forward to a return to normal when we can gather again in person, let's not forget the good that live streaming does.

Apr 19

Coronavirus, Psalm 131, And The Faithful Father by Gail Emerson

Unlike my mothering, God’s faithfulness is holy and perfect.

Apr 15

Encouragement for the New Homeschooling Family During the Covid -19 Crisis by Kathrine Pittman

 Slower mornings allow us to linger around the table, open the Bible, and explore the scriptures as a family.