Nov 16

Preach with Kindness by Jared C. Wilson

Because the Holy Spirit condescends to use how we preach, we ought not forget to reflect God’s kindness when we preach it.

Oct 12

How to Assemble Your Sermon by Jason K. Allen

Learning to assemble your study notes into a cohesive sermon is a must for pastors.

Oct 2

Three Keys to Effective Sermon Preparation by H.B. Charles, Jr.

We have the joyful burden of weekly preparation. To keep your head about water and become effective you have to learn to hack the process.

Sep 4

David Prince on The State of Preaching by David Prince

How would you characterize the state of preaching in evangelicalism today?

Sep 4

On Sermon Outlines by H.B. Charles and Jr.

Every sermon should have a destination. It also needs a clear path to get there. A sermon outline charts the path for the sermon to reach its intended destination. Good sermons have effective outlines. A sermon is more than an outline. But it is not less. The outline gives structure to the message. That structure […]

Aug 26

How Hamilton Can Help Us Preach Better Sermons by Caleb Brasher

Preacher, take some extra time and work to compress your sermons.

Aug 19

What To Do After You Preach by Dave Harvey

After preaching, you must prepare yourself for attacks by the Enemy and the flesh.

Aug 14

On Sermon Preparation by H.B. Charles, Jr.

What steps should a preacher take to preacher a sound, clear, and helpful sermon?

Aug 7

Won Kwak On Writing Sermons by Won S. Kwak

How do you write sermons? Describe your sermon preparation process.

Jul 31

Preaching the Tone of the Text by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Biblical preaching seeks to explain the meaning of a passage of scripture and exhort the hearer to respond to the truth. Faithful preaching is truth-driven. The goal of the preacher’s exegetical study should be to find to truth of the text. The passage may mention anxiety, prayer, thanksgiving, peace, and even refer to the Lord […]