Jul 10

Stop Comparing Yourself to Well-Known Pastors by David Prince

You may not have the gifting of historic pulpit legends past and present, but you do have the same Word of God

Jul 2

Brothers, Preach Your Heart Out — No Matter How Few People Are in the Room by Tim Counts

The value of preaching is in Christ himself. His supremacy over all things makes all preaching valuable, whether it’s to 30 or 3,000 people.

Jun 18

Clint Pressley on How Much Preaching Matters by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations asks Clint Pressley, Lead Pastor at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC: "How much does preaching matter?"

Jun 5

Why Expository Preaching? by H.B. Charles, Jr.

The divine inspiration of scripture is the unavoidable mandate for expository preaching.

Jun 1

4 Essentials of Great Preaching by Jason K. Allen

Nothing is more pathetic than a man preaching from a Bible he doesn’t believe.

May 13

When Preaching Is Big & God Is Small by Dave Harvey

Fear is a powerful experience and Scripture speaks to it in beautiful and comforting ways.

May 6

3 Ways the Holy Spirit Helped Spurgeon Preach by Neal Thornton

The preaching task is made effective only by a spiritual means – the attention and anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

Apr 24

Mark Dever on Sermon Prep by Mark Dever

Series: Conversations

What does your sermon preparation look like?

Apr 15

Has God Gifted You to Preach and Teach His Word? by Jason K. Allen

Preaching is God’s divinely ordained means of communicating His Word, nourishing His church, and redeeming a people for Himself. 

Mar 23

Tips for Lay Preachers by Tony Merritt Jr.

Many lay preachers feel unprepared for the task—I know I have. What should you do? Where do you start? Here a few tips.