Sep 16

God Is Not Silent About Rape by Katie McCoy

The severity of sexual assault in God’s Law compels us to hear, protect, and defend the dignity of every woman, especially the one who breaks her silence about rape.

Sep 8

On First Principles: God does not need you and that’s good news! by Matthew Barrett

Unlike everything in this world, God’s existence is not grounded in, derived from, or contingent on something or someone else.

Aug 20

The Lord is Good by Christopher R. J. Holmes

It would be all too easy, I think, to bypass the goodness of God. I would urge you to see that it has a biblical density beyond all other names or attributes.

Jul 22

The Rationale for Wrath by Jim Elliff

The very fact that you think you are without need of Christ proves your blindness and hardness of heart.

Jul 22

How Healthy Doctrine Makes A Healthier You by Scott Sauls

What if we really believed that being loved was our starting point with God, before we do anything good or bad?

Jun 19

Will He Fail You Now? by David McLemore

If you throw yourself upon God, no matter how far the fall or how great the impact, he will always catch you in the arms of Jesus.

Jun 4

Surprised by the Perfect Being by Matthew Barrett

Can we settle for a God who is less than a perfect being? We cannot. To do so is to rob God of his infinite nature and unbounded perfection.

Jun 3

Is Healing in the Atonement? by Jim Elliff

We’re not always wise enough to know which way of dispensing the benefits of the atonement is best.

Jun 3

Did Jesus Actually Claim to Be God? by Katie McCoy

Jesus invites all of us to come to Him just as we are. But that means we come to Him just as He is: Lord.

Jun 2

Ronni Kurtz on What Doctrine Brings the Most Joy by Ronni Kurtz

Series: Conversations

We ask FTC Managing Editor, Ronni Kurtz, "What doctrine brings you the most joy?"