CALLED is a brand-new resource from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and For the Church. The hope is simple: We want to provide engaging resources uniquely suited to help those who may be sensing a call from God toward gospel ministry.

At the CALLED website, you’ll find stories from faithful Christian leaders explaining their own call to Christian ministry, blog posts written with the aspiring minister or Christian leader in mind, and much more. Through our growing library of free resources, our hope is that you might find a story that resonates with your circumstance and situation that helps bring perspective and clarity to God’s call on your life.

So, we invite you to join us. Explore the website, watch the testimonies, read the articles, and seek the Lord as he calls us all to serve others for his glory and the good of his bride.

We pray this resource will serve you well as you experience the joy and adventure that await as your own CALLED story is written.