5 Keys to Cultivating Biblical Manhood in Your Church

Jason K. Allen

The Stewardship of Power

Mike Ayers

Why Legalistic Preaching Doesn't Work

David Prince

What Makes a Great Preacher? - Part 1

Chris Thomas

Thoughts From a Mother on Miscarriage

Sandee Hedger

Sure Signs of Bad Leadership

Dayton Hartman

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May 26

Teaching Our Children God-Honoring Sexuality by Adam McClendon

Engaging our children in healthy, God-honoring conversations about sexuality is less about "keeping up with culture", and more about learning to set the pace.

May 26

What Makes a Great Preacher? - Part 2

His Subject Matter

Part two of a six-part series, What Makes a Great Preacher?

May 25

Carl F. H. Henry and An Air Assault from a Persistent Widow by Jason G. Duesing

Before Carl F.H. Henry became the premier evangelical theologian of the twentieth century, he first was a nominal Episcopalian in need of the mercy of God. Thankfully that mercy came through the air assault of a persistent widow.

May 25

An Elder's Example of Work and Giving by Joel Littlefield

Paul was not a rich man, probably not even well-to-do, but he certainly knew what it was to work.

Dr. Greg Belser on Difficult Ministry Milestones

What are some milestones in ministry that are difficult or impossible to prepare for?

Series: Conversations

We ask Dr. Greg Belser, "What are some milestones in ministry that are difficult or impossible to prepare for?"

May 24

Jesus, the True and Better Joshua by Peyton Hill

Throughout history, God has been at work in and through those He chooses to use greatly. In the book of Joshua, the mighty works God performs are but a shadow of a greater Reality yet to come.

May 24

What Does God Have to Do With It? by Jim Elliff

We fit the occasion and have our place, but the “doing” of evangelism is done by God.

May 23

The Stewardship of Power by Mike Ayers

Power is a stewardship on loan from God to be used for his glory and for the good of others.

May 23

The Everythingness of Grace by Jared C. Wilson

The grace of God in Jesus Christ meets all of our needs and satisfies our deepest desires.

May 22

All Will Be Well by Charles Spurgeon

Oh, think not, believer, that your sorrows are out of God's plan; they are necessary parts of it.

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