You Need to Explain What You Do On Sunday Mornings

Joe Thorn

The Gloriously Interruptable Jesus

Michael Kelley

Battling Discouragement

Tish Hedger

Are Non-Staff Elders Biblical?

Jonathan Leeman

J.D. Greear on Developing a Church's Heart for Mission


Let Us Repent Of Our Nonchalance

Jared C. Wilson

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Dec 8

Lord, Help Me Raise My Children With a Backbone by Michael Kelley

Their mettle will be tested. Their faith will be challenged. They will be pressured to succumb on any number of fronts.

Dec 8

Tis the Season to be Jolly? by Jim Elliff

Christmas then is not the season to be jolly, as if the other seasons are the opposite.

Dec 7

14 Words of Advice for Guest Preachers by Sam Bierig

Filling someone else's pulpit can be quite a rewarding assignment if handled well, but it can also be nerve-wracking if you don’t follow proper decorum.

Dec 7

Be a Man and Preach! by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Little did I know that brief conversation would be the last time I get to talk to my father in this life.

Dec 6

The Identity Beneath Your Identities by Liz Wann

Life transitions remind me that identity is a complex topic and not something that can be reduced to one or two things, like being a wife and mother. There are many layers that make up who we are, but the one most important layer is the foundation.

Jun 13

Mark Dever on Contextualization in Preaching

How important is contextualization?

Series: Conversations

How important is contextualization in preaching?

Dec 5

21 Thoughts on Preaching by Jared C. Wilson

Don't preach as an employee of the church.

Dec 5

Links For The Church (12/5) by Staff

This week's links include resources on declining church attendence, self-love, singing in church, and women in seminary. 

Dec 4

Groan Well by Charles Spurgeon

Our sighs are sacred things.

Dec 2

You Need to Explain What You Do on Sunday Mornings by Joe Thorn

With people coming from different Christian traditions, or no Christian background at all, we believe it's important to explain why we do what we do on the Lord's Day.

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