A Shack to Impress God

David McLemore

Lessons Learned from Church Planting by Peaceable Division

Colin Clark

Preaching Under Pressure

H.B. Charles, Jr.

I've Been Dancing With Her Ever Since

Jared Musgrove

FTC Phoenix Micro-Conference Videos

T. Patrick Hudson

Jesus Never Ends

Jared C. Wilson

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Aug 17

From Mumbling to Singing by Joshua Jenkins

What if our perceived problem in worship is not the congregation's problem after all? What if the problem lies within the music itself?

Aug 17

3 Things I Know About Church Planting by Joel Littlefield

There’s so much that I do not know about planting a church. But those things I do, I will commit to with all the heart and passion which I can muster and which the Spirit so graciously supplies.

Aug 17

The Advantages of On-Campus Seminary by Mike Brooks

If left to make the decision again, you should know I’d be turning in my application and renting a moving truck before you finish reading this sentence.

Aug 16

A Beautiful Union For Broken Hearts by Allyson Todd

Even if we don’t feel like God hears us and struggle with doubt, we know that we belong to Jesus.

Aug 16

Sunday is End-Times Warfare by Peyton Hill

We don’t need a Left Behind novel to tell us where we stand in the context of redemptive history. 

Aug 15

What Church Revitalization Really Means by Luke Holmes

When it comes to revitalization, it's more difficult to help people change than it is to change the curtains. But the hard work is worth it.

Aug 15

An Arranged Marriage by Jesse Benack

Three ways we can make the most of the journey through the wilderness to meet our Lord.

Aug 15

A Shack to Impress God by David McLemore

Only a fool would leave God’s house to build a shack to impress him.

Aug 14

Hijacked by the Gospel by Jared C. Wilson

I have been laid hold of. I've been apprehended. I was writing my own life story, and it was a tragedy despite my own best efforts. But my life story got hijacked by the good news.

Aug 14

Who Are You, Lord? by Lucy Crabtree

When he does not heal us the way we want to be healed, it is not because our afflictions or convictions overwhelm him. 

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