An Unimaginative Tool for Church Growth

Erik Raymond

Moving Toward a Merciful Ministry

Dave Harvey

When Mommy Loves Jesus More

Emily Jensen

Identity Theft: Losing Our Christian Self-Consciousness

Jim Elliff

Announcing The New FTC Imprint With Moody Publishers


Be Strengthened by Grace

Kristen Wetherell

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Jul 1

Do You See the Fatherless, or Are You Not Looking? by Joel Littlefield

Even just visiting the fatherless in their affliction is considered among the most holy and Christ-like of actions.

Jun 16, 2015

Adam McClendon on Counseling Porn Use by Adam McClendon

Series: Conversations

FTC.CO asks Dr. Adam McClendon, "What should pastors remember in counseling those dealing with porn use?"

Jul 1

The Priority of Confirming Your Call by Dave Harvey

Ministry methods have changed over the decades, but the challenges and joys of ministry remain the same. Spurgeon’s lectures to his students are just as relevant today as they were 150 years ago.

Jun 30

Gather with All Ages by Ryan Higginbottom

Meeting with Christians of all ages is not a cure-all, and there is undeniable value in relationships with people of similar age and experience. But we must not despise the wisdom, experience, and friendship of all the people God places around us.

Jun 30

The Worth of Waiting: A Word to Aspiring Elders by Johnny Antle

In waiting for noble things in this life, we should be reminded that we wait for One whose nobility far exceeds everything on earth in every respect.

Jun 29

When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll by Ian Conrey

One day, we will be with God in his Kingdom, along with the rest of the broken who turned to Christ.

Jun 29

What Does It Mean to Give Grace to One Another? by Christine Hoover

Grace primarily means that we see one another as new creations in Christ, and we recognize the grace we received at salvation is continuing its work as a change agent in our lives.

Jun 28

Spencer Plumlee on Non-negotiables for Preaching

We ask Dr. Spencer Plumlee, "What are some non-negotiables for preaching?"

Jun 28

On Leadership and Maintaining Moral Authority by Adam McClendon

Moral integrity helps to gain respect and influence in our culture; however, when our moral authority is compromised it undercuts our influence and our ability to lead effectively.

Jun 28

Expecting God for More Than a Feeling by Stephen Miller

Corporate worship is not about getting some feeling. It’s about getting God.

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