On Sermon Conclusions

H.B. Charles Jr.

Michael Kelley On The Writing Process

Michael Kelley

Principles for Giving and Receiving Encouragement to the Preacher

Skylar Spradlin

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Sep 24

On Sermon Conclusions by H.B. Charles Jr.

Christ is not honored when he is mentioned at the end of a message that ignores him throughout.

Sep 23

Principles for Giving and Receiving Encouragement to the Preacher by Skylar Spradlin

How much do you think your preaching influences your people? We know the biblical answer. Preaching is God’s ordained means of communicating the truths of scripture and the gospel to His people and the world. But on a personal level, how much do you think your preaching is influential? Most pastors will never stand before […]

Sep 22

No Greater Can Be Thought by Grace Pike

A poem reflection on God’s attributes.

Sep 22

Episode 136: Love Me Anyway by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz talk about the depth and wonder of God’s love, what it takes to experience this love, and Jared’s new book on the subject.

Sep 21

“Love Me Anyway” Available Today by Staff

The latest book from Midwestern Seminary author in residence Jared C. Wilson officially releases today!

Sep 21

Ten Truths About a Liar by Sam Bierig

Is Satan capable of inception? Does he whisper temptations in our ear? Is Satan’s authority, power, and relationship to unbelievers the same or different from Christians? These are all valid and, frankly, somewhat haunting questions. I am not left emotionally unmoved by the many destroyed marriages and ministries around me Satan has devoured. I trust […]

Sep 20

The Book of Love by Jared C. Wilson

Every love song is a gleam of beauty falling on a jungle of imbecility. The gleams tell us there is a brighter light out there, a glory more glorious than even the glory of earthly loves. There is a story that makes sense of all the stories, even the terrible ones.

Sep 20

Attending FTC 21? Here’s What To Do While You’re Here… by Staff

We want to offer you our best suggestions for barbeque, food, coffee, and things to do while you’re in our wonderful city. 

Sep 16

Three Good Things About Difficult Bible Passages by L.T. Greer

Dealing with difficult passages can help illuminate the Bible and our relationship to it.