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Feb 23

FTC Preaching Guide: 2 Corinthians by Sam Parkison

2 Corinthians is inspired by God, and preaching “the whole counsel of God” looks like preaching this book.

Oct 2

Bibliology: What The Bible Is and Why It Matters by Jason K. Allen

As God’s revelation to man, the Bible comes with binding authority.

Mar 18

Why Preaching? by Jason K. Allen

Preaching is the pastor's indispensable task, his most paramount duty, and his most consequential and urgent job assignment. For the pastor, preaching is priority number one.​

Jan 16

How Expository Preaching Should Engage Cultural Concerns (Part I) by Jason K. Allen

As the preacher exegetes his text and his times, he sees how the two intersect, or do not intersect with his congregation.

Dec 11

How Do You Know if a Sermon is Expository? by Jason K. Allen

“Preaching the word” is marked by these three essentials . . .

Mar 30

Love Like A Dam Break by Jared C. Wilson

The cross of Christ both proves and founds God's eagerness to forgive.