4 Reasons Every Pastor Should Exercise

Chad Ashby

The Pronouns Preach

Jim Elliff

I Want My Kids to Be Good

David McLemore

J.D. Greear on a More Fearless Evangelism


3 Reasons to Regularly Let Others Preach

J.A. Medders

On Getting Un-dragoned by the Light of Christ

Jared C. Wilson

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Nov 24

A Revival Of The Public Reading of Scripture by Steve Burchett

God’s word has been read publically, even at length, throughout salvation history.

Nov 22

A Call for Patient Evangelism by Caleb Greggsen

Do you find yourself chasing after silver-bullet plans to bring people into your doors? 

Nov 22

3 Challenges to Creating a Gospel Culture in your Family by Michael Kelley

Can we ingrain the gospel so much in the way that we talk, think, discipline our children, or converse around the dinner table, that it’s part of our very fabric of living, and not just an occasional topic of conversation?

Nov 21

God Who Provides by David Appelt

Our God sees ahead, and because of that, we can live in the present. Our God provides.

Nov 21

When Going Through the Motions is Not Enough by Mike Leake

The devil doesn’t care one bit about preventing us from doing works for the Lord; he cares about preventing belief and trust in our union with Christ. 

Nov 21

Russell Moore on Pastors Thinking About Culture

FTC.co asks Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, "What would you say to the pastor who says thinking about 'culture' is a waste of time?"

Nov 20

The 'Religious People' Boogeyman by Jared C. Wilson

"I thank you God that I'm not like those religious people."

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