When I Don't Like God's Answer

Allyson Todd

Our Identity In Christ Looks A Lot Like This…

Katie McCoy

Church Song Is Corporate Preaching

Eric Shumacher

When They Call In The Night

Chris Thomas

The Apologetic of Being Mom: Why Mothers Must Be Theologians

Abigail Dodds

Episode 076: Andrew Peterson on Adorning the Dark

Jared C. Wilson and Andrew Peterson

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Feb 28

When Christians Fail by David Prince

Peter’s darkest episode exposed his prideful heart, but it also led him to the humblest of repentance.

Feb 27

College Students and Church Membership by Dave Russell

Should college students join a local church by campus if they have a church membership “back home”?

Feb 27

Dan Darling on What Influences Christian Political Engagement by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Dan Darling, Vice-President of Communciations at the ERLC, "What tempts Christians to engage politically in undignified ways?"

Feb 27

A Field Like No Other: On Theological Interactions by Laura Campbell

Theologians at every level: Employ your expertise with humility in every interaction for the good of your brother and the good of your neighbor to the glory of God.

Feb 26

When I Don't Like God's Answer by Allyson Todd

I deceived myself and thought I had the right to question God, to turn my back and scoff at Him, the Creator of everything.

Feb 26

Repentance as Discipleship by David McLemore

God is not calling perfect people to be His ambassadors in this world. 

Feb 26

When They Call In The Night by Chris Thomas

The first thing to know is that your father isn’t like us.

Feb 25

Adam McClendon on Why Contentment is Radical by Adam McClendon

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Adam McClendon, Director of the D.Min. Program at Liberty University, "Why is contentment radical?"

Feb 24

He Loved You Before There Was a You by Jared C. Wilson

It is not as if God looked through time, saw you would be an asset to the organization and so chose you.

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