Power Over Life and Death: An Encouragement from the Old Testament in the Age of Coronavirus

Lance Higginbotham

3 Realities A Self-Help Article Will Never Tell You About Losing Weight

Lauren Graham

Life Together for a Church Apart: Lessons from Bonhoeffer for COVID-19

Marshal Griffin

Did We in Our Own Strength Confide? Martin Luther and Our Everlasting Hope

Jason K. Allen

Love Your Wife Like Jesus Loves Her

Tim Counts

When I Don't Like God's Answer

Allyson Todd

Latest Resources

Apr 3

Grieving Deeply with Faith: Not a Contradiction by David Prince

The safest place for our faith while hurting is in the hands of our faithful Creator.

Apr 3

Dean Inserra on Church Faithfulness by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How can a church know it's on the right track? What are some signs of faithfulness?

Apr 2

The Fear that Produces Fearlessness by Jeremy Kimble

As Christians, we are not immune to the reality of our present moment. However, our response must look different, and there is reason why it can.

Apr 2

“What Do You Want?”: Pastoral Reflections on Faithfulness by Aaron Menikoff

Now more than ever, the church needs models of faithfulness.

Apr 2

8 Practices That Divide

Lessons in Unity from Jeremiah Burroughs

Division within the body of Christ is ultimately a heart issue. But it’s also, in part, a culture issue.

Apr 1

Episode 080: Jonathan Dodson on Our Good Crisis

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson interviews pastor and author Jonathan Dodson on the revolutionary help of the Beatitudes for our culture in crisis.

Apr 1

Five Enduring Truths About Theological Education by Charles Smith

The world desperately needs faithful leaders that steadily live the gospel out before a watching world.

Apr 1

Trusting God in Your Waiting Season by Katie McCoy

What may seem like a setback or a delay is actually His perfecting preparation. 

Mar 31

Discipleship Is Not Consumer-Friendly by Brett McCracken

Churches that attempt to accommodate the moving-target needs of individual “spiritual quests” are not doing anyone a favor.

Mar 31

It Takes Theology to Lament by Mark Vroego

By connecting lament with our theology, we change how we define steadfastness in trial.

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