Trials, Our Blessed Chauffeurs

Erik Raymond



The Big Brother in Us

C.J. Moore

Cultivating a Healthy Marriage

Matt Chandler

Dan Darling on Influencing Culture


20 Quotes from 'Supernatural Power for Everyday People'

Jared C. Wilson

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Mar 16

Blogging For God's Glory by Benjamin Vrbicek

There is a certain quality Christians should strive for as we represent God to the world.

Mar 16

Crafting Expository Sermons by H.B. Charles, Jr.

True expository preaching strives to be faithful to the text and clear in the presentation. 

Mar 15

Meditating on Scripture

The What, How, and Why

Meditation doesn't mean humming in a monotone tone in an effort to completely clear your mind so the universe can come rushing in. It means filling your mind with Scripture and turning it over in your mind again and again.

Mar 15

Trials, Our Blessed Chauffeurs by Erik Raymond

Trials can be surprising ministers, serving us by showing our insufficiency and escorting us to our all-sufficient God.

Mar 15

All Men Need a Band of Gospel Brothers by David Prince

Men today are often drowning is superficial relationships, but do not possesses any genuinely accountable gut-level friendships.

Mar 14

Tim Keller, Rachel Held Evans, and the Authority of the Whole Bible by Jonathon Woodyard

Principles of interpretation are what stand behind your approach to a text. 

Mar 14

The Big Brother In Us by C. J. Moore

If you opt out of being vulnerable with your sin and prefer instead to convey a sense of perfection with your life, there’s likely a legalistic spirit that needs to be killed.

Mar 14

He Restores My Soul by Gabe Posey

No, the answer, if there is one, isn’t to heap another burden onto the weary. It is, instead, to look to Jesus for our rest. 

Mar 13

Jesus’ Left-Wing and Right-Wing Disciples by Scott Sauls

We should feel “at home” with people who share our faith but not our politics even more than we do with people who share our politics but not our faith.

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