Episode 070: The Most Significant Figure in American Church History You've Never Heard Of

Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

What Kind of Older Man Will I Be?

Steve Burchett

God Loves You, Deal With It!

Sam Parkison

A Revolutionary Prayer Life

Mike Brooks

On the Road with Saint Augustine: A Book Review

David McLemore

Three Opportunities for the Criticized Preacher

Jonathan Kroeker

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Nov 14

Life from Death: The Upside Down Story of the Christian Life by Christina Fox

Death marks not the end, but the beginning for the believer.

Nov 14

The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead by Jason G. Duesing

The special value of General Revelation is that it calls the believer simultaneously to praise God and proclaim God.

Nov 13

Episode 070: The Most Significant Figure in American Church History You've Never Heard Of

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the For The Church Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz discuss a pioneering pastor from American church history who is woefully unknown.

Nov 13

How A Desire To Be A Good Parent Can Kill A Ministry by Ryan Roach

It’s painful, but good shepherding often means that we say things that are challenging to our people.

Nov 12

Reduce Your Social Media Friction by Thomas Kidd

Social media platforms have to be a tool for outreach and benefit, not stress and anxiety, or they're not worth it.

Nov 12

Michael Kelley on Why We Hate to Wait on God by Michael Kelley

FTC.co asks Michael Kelley, Director of Discipleship at Lifeway Christian Resources, "Why do we hate to wait on God?"

Nov 11

5 Exhortations from Three 10th Anniversaries by Jared C. Wilson

My main exhortation to you is to fearlessly adopt a gospel fixation. Don’t worry about it seeming rote or redundant.

Nov 11

God Loves You, Deal With It! by Sam Parkison

His standards are the robes of Christ’s righteousness—they literally cannot be higher. 

Nov 8

Devotion to Good Works by Jared Sparks

We need to remember that we were culpable products of our sinful environment as well. 

Nov 7

What Kind of Older Man Will I Be? by Steve Burchett

I’ve been told that becoming an older man guarantees more aches and pains. I hope it also means more hopeful discipling, and more earnest prayer. May the Lord help me.

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