Why Does Church Membership Matter?

David McLemore

God Knows When You Don't

Kristen Wetherell

Salvation in the Car Seat (and Other Mundane Miracles)

Jared Musgrove

Don Whitney on The Gospel and Spiritual Disciplines


Common Questions Christians Ask About Forgiveness

Erik Raymond

3 Big Questions for a Big Promise

H.B. Charles, Jr.

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Nov 14

Episode 044: Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger on God-Centered Parenting

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with Drs. Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger about their new book Equipping for Life: A Guide for New, Aspiring, and Struggling Parents and important topics related to raising word-wise kids in a wordly culture.

Nov 14

The Unfamiliar Beauty of a Familiar Sentence by Ronni Kurtz

We might intellectually know our union with God will never falter, but our communion with him sometimes can feel far and sporadic. 

Nov 14

God Knows When You Don't by Kristen Wetherell

Though we don’t deserve to be heard, God chooses to hear and acknowledge repentant sinners who struggle with unfaithfulness and wander from him.

Nov 13

Attempt Great Things for God? by Darryl Dash

I wonder: am I content with being called and unknown? Am I willing to serve in obscurity but be known by Jesus?

Nov 13

Why Does Church Membership Matter? by David McLemore

We can have meaningful church membership because what Jesus died for, he will also give life to. Jesus died for the church. He will give life to it.

Nov 13

J.T. English on What's Encouraging About the Future of the Church by J.T. English

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks J.T. English, Pastor of The Village Church Institute at The Village Church in Denton, TX, "What encourages you about the future of the church?"

Nov 12

Let Your Internet Yes Be Your Real-Life Yes

The Problem with Online Persona

We weren’t designed to be double-minded. We weren’t made to playact, to posture. So it’s impossible to keep The Persona from taking over.

Nov 12

Her Stillborn, Him Sovereign by Lianna Davis

Anguish and confidence met to form sonorous, singing agreement: our God in heaven is sovereign.

Nov 12

Links For The Church (11/12) by Staff

This week's links include resources on church volunteers, love and marriage, hope in the sexual revolution, and resting in Jesus. 

Nov 11

Your Inheritance by Charles Spurgeon

Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there. 

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