What Can the Kindness of Jesus Do?

David McLemore

Wrong Ways to be Seeker Sensitive

FTC Podcast, Ep. 35

A Puritan's Advice on What to Watch on Netflix

Clayton Kraby

How Satan Seduces Bitter Believers

Dave Harvey

Jumping the Shark and the Trajectory of Sin

Benjamin Vrbicek

The Pastor's Wife: Exposing Lies and Redeeming Them, Part 1

Whitney Putnam

Latest Resources

Jul 22

Christ and His Bride by Charles Spurgeon

Passing all human union is that mystical cleaving unto the Church, for which Christ left his Father, and became one flesh with her.

Jul 20

A Pastor’s Thoughts on Reading Augustine by Jonathon Woodyard

The progress I’ve made in Augustine is minimal, but I would like to offer my current thoughts on reading this intellectual giant.

Jul 20

How Beautiful Are The Adverbs When They Preach Good News by Jason G. Duesing

God’s love for the world and desire to provide salvation is why God became man.

Jul 20

J.T. English on Discipleship Driven by the Gospel by J.T. English

Series: Conversations

What does discipleship driven by the gospel look like?

Jul 19

The Beautiful Things We Miss by Bryan Stoudt

Scene by scene, God is crafting our lives into stories that reflect his beauty and bend it toward others.

Jul 19

What Can the Kindness of Jesus Do? by David McLemore

What if we all opened our heart to the kindness of Jesus Christ? Maybe he could transform your city into a modern-day Geneva.

Jul 19

5 Marks of Effective Prayer by H.B. Charles, Jr.

The key to prayer is a heart of dependence. Pray with the holy urgency of one who has a need that only Jesus can meet.

Jul 18

A Puritan’s Advice on What to Watch on Netflix by Clayton Kraby

If you would hesitate to tell a fellow Christian that you are a fan of a certain show – or would hesitate to tell a fellow fan that you are a Christian – you need to rethink your entertainment choices.

Jul 18

They Never Saw This Coming by Erik Raymond

Each and every person who names the name of Christ has, by necessity, come to a place when they have seen their sin.

Jul 18

9 Ways to Optimize Your Time Away by Jason K. Allen

While on vacation, I reflect on my life in every dimension, seek to identify personal weaknesses, and strive to strengthen them. 

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