Merry Christmas from Charles H. Spurgeon

Phillip Ort

Living By the Book

H.B. Charles Jr.

Practicing Confession

Clara Sylvester

The Apostle’s Creed: Humble Beginnings and the Rule of Faith

Adriel Sanchez

Knowing You’re In

Jim Elliff

Good News, Ordinary Pastor! You Don’t Need a Winning Personality

Dan Miller

Called is a brand-new resource from Midwestern Seminary and For the Church. The hope is simple: We want to provide engaging resources uniquely suited to help those who may be sensing a call from God toward gospel ministry.

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Dec 6

2021 For the Church Book Awards by Staff

Announcing the 5th annual FTC Book Award Winners

Dec 6

Links For the Church (12/06) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on female accountability, procrastination, character, Christmas expectations, and how to be grateful after Thanksgiving.

Dec 4

Groan for Glorification by Charles Spurgeon

Our sighs are sacred things, too hallowed for us to tell abroad. We keep our longings to our Lord alone.

Dec 3

Geoff Chang on Spurgeon and 9Marks by Geoff Chang

In this video, we asked Geoff Chang, curator of the Spurgeon Library and assistant of Historical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, whether Spurgeon would have adhered to the 9Marks of a healthy church. 

Dec 3

Leading From the Pulpit by H.B. Charles Jr.

First and foremost, the pastor-teacher is charged to preach the word (2 Timothy 4:1-2). His leadership should flow out of his preaching, not compete with it.

Dec 2

Merry Christmas from Charles H. Spurgeon by Phillip Ort

Charles Spurgeon loved Christmas. In fact, he once said, “I like Christmas; I wish it came six times a year.”

Dec 2

When Home Hurts: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

When Home Hurts is deeply pastoral and instructive in its application of distinct biblical impulses.

Dec 1

Episode 145: Complications with Community by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared discusses some of the ways members can frustrate the experience of gospel-centered community in their churches.

Dec 1

Losses of a Prayerless Christian by Jim Elliff

“Prayer,” said the 19th century preacher, Charles Spurgeon, “is the tender nerve that moveth the muscle of omnipotence.” We cannot afford not to pray.

Nov 30

Isaiah’s Hope of Dawn: An Advent Reflection for the Weary by Teresa J. DeRouchie

Rest today in the One whose four great names bring all of his own real peace. And as you rest, let even greater hope be awakened in your soul, for the brilliance of Christ’s light gets even better!

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