To Pause Is Divine

Ronnie Martin

The Fear of Death and God’s Grip

Jim Elliff

God’s Excellent Greatness For You

David McLemore

Legalism Does Not Work

David Prince

Leave Your Umbrella At Home

Ronnie Martin

Keys to Stewarding Your Time in Seminary

Jason K. Allen

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May 14

To Pause Is Divine by Ronnie Martin

Series: The Preachers Corner

Join Ronnie Martin every Friday for The Preachers Corner, where he offers some words of comfort and stories of hope to help preachers enter the weekend encouraged by the gentle and lowly heart of Jesus.

May 13

4 Unmet Emotional Needs of Pastors: Part 1 — Feeling Adequate by Ben Mandrell

No leader is an island and we all need to draw from the well of others.

May 12

The Fear of Death and God’s Grip by Jim Elliff

We are called by God whom we serve to embrace ultimate truths, not fear them, for Christ has done something remarkable for us.

May 12

God’s Excellent Greatness For You by David McLemore

God can, at the same time, sit us in his lap and hear our prayers while hearing the prayers of all the saints throughout the world.

May 12

Episode 117: What Would Revival Look Like? by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz discuss what it might look like when revival strikes your church.

May 11

Patrick Schreiner on Why Churches Should Add Ascension Sunday to their Calendars by Patrick Schreiner

We asked Patrick Schreiner, associate professor of New Testament and biblical studies at Midwestern Seminary, “Why should churches add Ascension Sunday to their church calendar?”

May 11

Pursue Friendships with Other Pastors by P. J. Tibayan

Pastors, the Lord is good to us. He wants us to experience his goodness even in our biggest disappointments. So he gives us friends.

May 10

Your Weird Church is “Plan A” and There is No “Plan B” by Jared C. Wilson

As weird and messy as your church is, there is only a miracle to be gained by offering up your very selves to the Lord who made you and loves you.

May 10

Congregations of Bruised Reeds by Benjamin Vrbicek

What is God to do with wounded, bruised people like us?

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