The Weightier Weight

Ronnie Martin

Another Easter

Ronnie Martin

Episode 111: Exceptionalizing Easter

Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

A Life Poured Out

Grace Pike

Hope for the Faltering Christ-Follower

Katie McCoy

Up To Your Neck

Ronnie Martin

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Apr 19

Links For The Church (4/19) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on saying “no,” God’s faithfulness, true words, and the Father’s heart.

Apr 16

There Will Most Assuredly Come A Morning by David McLemore

Death always leaves you longing for just one more something.

Apr 16

The Weightier Weight by Ronnie Martin

Series: The Preachers Corner

Join Ronnie Martin every Friday for The Preachers Corner, where he offers some words of comfort and stories of hope to help preachers enter the weekend encouraged by the gentle and lowly heart of Jesus.

Apr 15

Patrick Schreiner on How an Understanding of the Gospel of the “Kingdom” Influences Christian Ministry by Patrick Schreiner

We asked Patrick Schreiner, associate professor of New Testament and Biblcial Theology at Midwestern Seminary, “How does understanding the gospel of the “Kingdom” influence Christian ministry today?”

Apr 15

Deep Discipleship: A Book Review by Joseph Lanier

Series: Book Reviews

The book is asking completely different questions: Where does discipleship happen in the church? What do they need? How do disciples grow? Where do disciples go?

Apr 14

Episode 113: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this installment of the regular Mailbag feature of the FTC Podcast, Jared and Ronni discuss listener-submitted questions, including first steps for new believers, the timing of children’s baptisms, sermon prep schedules, and building theological interest in a church without intimidating them.

Apr 14

Pain Our Teacher by Campbell Bortel

Without pain, we would not know we are in need of help.

Apr 14

God Doesn’t Need You by Jim Elliff

It is a privilege to serve him. But he still does not need you.

Apr 13

A Strict But Clear Definition of the Church Brings Freedom by Caleb Greggsen

A strict and clear definition of ‘church’ guards against mission creep, cultural and non-biblical norms, and unnecessary discouragement.

Apr 13

Jason Duesing on Why Hope is Important for Our Current Cultural Context by Jason G. Duesing asks Jason Duesing, provost and professor of historical theology at Midwestern Seminary, “Why is hope important for our current cultural context?”

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