Don’t Apologize For The Bible

Jim Essian

Why Does Church Membership Matter?

David McLemore

God Knows When You Don't

Kristen Wetherell

Salvation in the Car Seat (and Other Mundane Miracles)

Jared Musgrove

Don Whitney on The Gospel and Spiritual Disciplines


3 Big Questions for a Big Promise

H.B. Charles, Jr.

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Nov 19

When You Invite the Holy Spirit to Thanksgiving Dinner by Jared C. Wilson

Christians have the power to “do relationships” in an entirely unworldly way.

Nov 19

What Can You Do To Get In The Game? by Casey Lewis

We experience salvation and a relationship with God today because Jesus was selfless. 

Nov 19

Links For The Church (11/19) by Staff

This week's links include resources on a difficult marriage, if mission work is good, the early church, weeping for lost souls, Victoria's Secret, and going to church. 

Nov 18

A Secret Spring by Charles Spurgeon

Oh! how sure and safe is the inner life of the believer!

Nov 16

Don’t Apologize For The Bible by Jim Essian

Know the Scriptures and the power of God, and trust that God to reveal his beauty to those you are witnessing to.

Nov 16

10 Things I Wished I Learned in Seminary by Jonathan Hayashi

Some seminarians think they can just convince others of truth, and they’ll obviously get on board with God.

Nov 16

Nathan Rose on Challenges in Church Revitalization by Nathan Rose

Series: Conversations

What is the biggest challenge in church revitalization?

Nov 15

When It's Hard to Be a Patient Parent by Joel Littlefield

What if the bigger issue in having your kids obey isn't their obedience, but rather, is your patience with them?

Nov 15

When a Father Wound Defines You by Scott Sauls

When you’ve wrestled with God and prevailed with a blessing, it has a way of breaking the spell of insecurity and fear.

Nov 15

"All Gone" - A Worship Song Inspired by Charles Spurgeon by Eric Schumacher

The greatness of both our sin and our forgiveness should inspire us to sing the greatness of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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