Attending FTC 21? Here’s What To Do While You’re Here…


Three Good Things About Difficult Bible Passages

L.T. Greer

My Darkest Night; Hopefully Not Yours

Jim Elliff

Minutes and Seconds Compose Holiness

Harper Roderick

The Servanthood of the Believer

Lyndsay Dreyer

Pastors, Fight Against Fear of Man by Fighting for the Fear of the Lord

Dave Cook

Called is a brand-new resource from Midwestern Seminary and For the Church. The hope is simple: We want to provide engaging resources uniquely suited to help those who may be sensing a call from God toward gospel ministry.

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Sep 20

The Book of Love by Jared C. Wilson

Every love song is a gleam of beauty falling on a jungle of imbecility. The gleams tell us there is a brighter light out there, a glory more glorious than even the glory of earthly loves. There is a story that makes sense of all the stories, even the terrible ones.

Sep 20

Attending FTC 21? Here’s What To Do While You’re Here… by Staff

We want to offer you our best suggestions for barbeque, food, coffee, and things to do while you’re in our wonderful city. 

Sep 16

Three Good Things About Difficult Bible Passages by L.T. Greer

Dealing with difficult passages can help illuminate the Bible and our relationship to it.

Sep 15

My Darkest Night; Hopefully Not Yours by Jim Elliff

If a man has no hope, nor any prospect of arriving at a place where the slightest wisp of hope could blow like a gentle breeze over him, how could he ever be happy again?

Sep 15

Be Faithful and Come What May by K.V. Paxton

The church belongs to Him, and if we are following the calls in His Word, then we are being faithful.

Sep 15

Episode 135: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared and Ronni answer your questions in another installment of the FTC Mailbag. This time around they cover developing disinterested members into leaders, deciding which part-time positions to pay in the church, what qualifies someone to teach at a seminary, how to pastor congregants who don’t understand theological triage, and favorite podcasts.

Sep 14

Minutes and Seconds Compose Holiness by Harper Roderick

While I know the big picture (being that I am eternally in Christ), I forget that right now I exist in time which is made up of moments. It is in these moments that I am called to reflect the character of Christ.

Sep 13

This is the Year We Were Supposed to Leave Midwestern Seminary by Jared C. Wilson

I don’t know why I have to keep relearning this lesson. I know what the Bible says about saying what you’re going to do tomorrow. In short — don’t.

Sep 13

God Has Destined Us for Sonship Not Employment by Tyler Greene

God’s predestining love has guaranteed that seat for us now and forever.

Sep 10

Preaching is Indispensable by David Prince

Preaching is uniquely the God-ordained means for the proclamation of His gospel message and the nourishment of His people.

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