Christine Hoover on Hope for Discouraged Believers


The One Who Upholds All Things

David McLemore

Dean Inserra on How He'd Do Church Planting Differently


Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same: Race and the Evangelical Pulpit

David Prince

Russell Moore on Social Justice without the Social Gospel


We Don't Need to Go Back to the Early Church

J.A. Medders

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Oct 16

When an Average Joe Turns 40

A Few Thoughts on Ministry Thus Far

My 20-year-old self bought the lie that flash, position, popularity, power, and success was the way to live ministry life. It is far better to strive for faithfulness to Jesus.

Oct 16

In Spirit and in Truth

Bringing Balance to Christian Worship

Worship is not a condiment, meant merely to flavor the Christian life.

Oct 16

Christine Hoover on Hope for Discouraged Believers by Christine Hoover

Series: Conversations asks Christine Hoover, author and pastor's wife, "What encouragement do you have for the believer who feels like they're at the end of their rope?"

Oct 15

The Chocolate-ness of Chocolate and The Coffee-ness of Coffee

How the Gospel Frees Us to Rub Our Noses in the Quiddity of Things

If I don’t believe the gospel, I will miss out on the joy of the it-ness of things.

Oct 15

Biblical Theology in Discipleship by Nancy Guthrie

Biblical theology corrects sentimental notions of the future God is preparing for us.

Oct 15

Links For The Church (10/15) by Staff

This week's links include resources on ordering our loves, what our liturgy celebrates, responding to pornography, and gratitude. 

Oct 14

Be Not Conformed to this World by Charles Spurgeon

If a Christian can by possibility be saved while he conforms to this world, at any rate it must be so as by fire. 

Oct 12

Rejoice Always by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Yet we can take heart in the midst of it all because Christ has overcome the world.

Oct 12

Dean Inserra On What He Would Do Differently In Church Planting by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

What would you do differently if you could plant your church all over again?

Oct 12

Knowing The Lord Is God by Ashlyn Portero

A reading of the early chapters of Deuteronomy shows us that Moses' commandment to know that the Lord is God is not made in vain. 

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