Until Every Child Is Home: A Book Review

Laurelen Müller

Thankfulness Always: Reflections on Five Years as Provost

Jason Duesing

Father, Help Us to See

Tim Counts

Love is Love, Except When It is Not

Jason Alligood

Episode 064: Changing the Culture of Your Church

FTC Podcast

The Head Crusher Cometh

Russell L. Meek

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Sep 16

There Should Be Two of Us

A Lament for Loss and A Look to Hope

We share a couple of things in common besides our name. One is a dark reality. The other is a greater Truth.

Sep 16

Until Every Child Is Home: A Book Review by Laurelen Müller

When church members see pastoral leadership caring for orphans, it helps them to see that they can do the same.

Sep 16

Links For The Church (9/16) by Staff

This week's links include resources on biblical womanhood, being a former white supremacist, forgetting Christ, studying the Bible with joy, and transitioning to a new ministry. 

Sep 13

Carl Trueman, the Osteens & the Quest for Evangelical Identity by Jason K. Allen

The most helpful response is not just to give the Osteen’s a well-deserved rebuke.

Sep 13

Clint Pressley on Training Men in Ministry by Clint Pressley

Series: Conversations

What are some important components in training men for ministry?

Sep 12

Love is Love, Except When It is Not by Jason Alligood

Love that is true love is wrapped in objective truth.

Sep 12

Steve Bezner on Pastors Leading Through Conflict by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Steve Bezner, Lead Pastor at Houston Northwest Church in Houston, TX: "What should pastors remember when leading through times of conflict?"

Sep 11

Dreaming Dreams and Taking Risks by David McLemore

God has entrusted each of us with talent. 

Sep 11

Working Together as a Global Body: How to (Re)Engage National Churches by Matt Bennett & C.M. Watkins

When we listen well at the beginning of a partnership, we focus on serving the church rather than using them to advance our own plans. 

Sep 11

Father, Help Us to See by Tim Counts

Father, help us to see that you are at work through us for the advance of the gospel. 

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