Cherish, Heed, and Herald God's Word

Grace Pike

Mark Dever on Implementing Meaningful Church Membership


3 Lies the Church Believes About Singleness

Jordan Wilbanks

Parents, Your Tiredness is an Opportunity

Kristen Wetherell

We Need Someone to Help Us

David McLemore

Dean Inserra on Misconceptions About the Unchurched


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Dec 12

Episode 046: Christine Hoover

For the Church Podcast

A Resource for the Church from Midwestern Seminary

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson speaks with author, podcaster, and pastor's wife Christine Hoover about pastors, their wives, and their friendships.

Dec 12

Christ’s Shocking Pleas for Mercy by Erik Raymond

Even amid the most heated and intense opposition, Jesus shows his heart of mercy and pleads for forgiveness.

Dec 12

Reading Scripture Rightly by Jim Elliff

I let the original intent of the passage sting me, move me, drive me to what I need to be.

Dec 11

Why We Shouldn't Change the Gospel by Casey Lewis

It might be tempting to change the message because we often think we have to do something in return for what we are given, but not so with the gospel.

Dec 11

Advent: Two Kinds of Waiting at Once by Jessica Snell

Jesus’ first arrival made way for his second. The incarnation and the second coming are wound together.

Dec 11

Steve Bezner on Maintaining a Culture of Community Within a Growing Church by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations asks Steve Bezner, lead pastor of Houston Northwest Church in Houston, TX, "How do you maintain a culture of community in a growing church?"

Dec 10

N.A. and the Power of Being Real by Catherine Parks

Having been enslaved to substances that threatened to destroy them, they had reached a desperation point and enlisted others to help them in the battle. 

Dec 10

The Gospel According to the Fellowship Hall

Once apart from the church, now we have fellowship.

The gospel is God’s love made manifest, and the church is the gospel of God’s love made visible. 

Dec 10

Links For The Church (12/5) by Staff

This week's links include resources on boundaries in ministry, incarnation and work, routine Bible reading, and comforting suffering people.

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