The One Life Dream That Makes a Girl Blush

Andrea Burke

What Was it Like to Pastor at 17?

H.B. Charles, Jr.

Trillia Newbell on What's Exciting About the Church


Matt Capps on What Congregations Don't Understand About Pastors


When Abstinence Is Wrong

Adam McClendon

Pastor, Be What You Want to See

Jared C. Wilson

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Mar 26

What Does It Mean for God to Be Our Father? by Fred Zaspel

Even if your earthly father was a failure, here you come to experience fatherly love in its ideal. Here is a Father who has committed himself to provide for us, his children, in exactly every way we need, and he has promised to direct our every step for our good and his glory.​

Mar 26

Don't Stumble Over the Simplicity of Jesus by Michael Kelley

There is a blessed kind of simplicity for the Christian who is convinced of the providential love of God in Christ.​

Mar 26

Christine Hoover on What Average Churchgoers May Not Understand About Their Pastor by Christine Hoover

Series: Conversations asks author and pastor's wife, Christine Hoover, "What does the average churchgoer not understand about the pastor?"​

Mar 25

Don’t Preach Microwaved Leftover Sermons by Jared C. Wilson

I know more than a few pastors—and overhear many more besides—who cite the busyness of their ministry lives as the reason sermon preparation gets crowded out week to week.

Mar 25

Life is Improv by Adam Kareus

We are living in a society that is becoming more isolated from each other.

Mar 25

Links For The Church (3/25) by Staff

This week's links include resources on friendships with other ministry leaders, what God does while you wait, the idol of "workism," and SSA Christians and non-sexual relationships. 

Mar 24

Rejoice in Your King by Charles Spurgeon

Exiles though we be, we rejoice in our King; yea, in him we exceedingly rejoice, while in his name we set up our banners.

Mar 22

John Calvin as an Intellectual Model for Pastor-Theologians by Jonathon Woodyard

The intellectual discipline exhibited by Calvin in his early years of study, and consistently displayed in his years of ministry in Geneva, is worth emulating. 

Mar 22

The One Life Dream That Makes a Girl Blush by Andrea Burke

We’ve gone so far down the road of feminism that we’ve forgotten how to proudly be feminine.

Mar 22

Dean Inserra on Successful Outreach by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

What’s been the most successful form of outreach your church has practiced?

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