Where Are All The Godly Men?

Jason K. Allen

The False Heaven of a Successful Ministry

Jared C. Wilson

5 Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church

Nathan Rose


Apr 20

Pastors & Churches: Don’t Celebrate Brokenness  by Erik Reed

Brokenness is our condition; wholeness is our goal. 

Apr 20

Churches Should Say Neither Too Little Nor Too Much by Matthew Arbo

The church must always bear witness to the risen Christ. 

Apr 19

The Leader and Abuse of Power by Mike Ayers

In his temptation, Jesus understood that not even a legitimate need should be met in illegitimate ways.

Apr 19

Navigating Through Difficult Seasons by Darrell Deer

We may not understand what God is doing or even agree with it, but we know that while things are hopelessly beyond our control, they are not beyond His.

Apr 19

Rob Bell, Fundamentalist: 5 Ironies from the New Bell Film by Owen Strachan

It’s the strangest thing: the heretic is actually the fundamentalist.

Apr 18

God’s Shepherding Ability by Adam McClendon

While God’s will in particular circumstances may seem very unclear, God has already stated clearly in his word his desire to use us to glorify his name and spread his gospel to the nations.

Apr 18

Living By The Prophet's Words by Jim Elliff

It has been revealed to God’s prophets already, they have written it for you, and that is enough.

Apr 17

Be Countercultural and Enjoy Your Work by Russell L. Meek

The work-life God set forth is a life of purposeful work of imaging God in our shepherding of his creation.

Apr 17

Shooing Flies in the Pulpit by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Whether a fly is in your face or a dove is on your shoulder, keep preaching and keep praying.

Apr 16

My Left Knee

A Heartwarming Story of Creeping Death

My left knee sends out a regular signal in Morse code that death is creeping up on me.

Apr 16

Links For The Church (4/16) by Staff

This week's links include resources on the purpose of marriage, worry, when Christianity doesn't work, caricatured biblical womanhood, and habits of false teachers. 

Apr 16

Drawing Near To God Through Sanctification by Bethany Mathis

The truth of God’s love is weaved through the Scriptures and culminated at the cross and it is unignorable.

Apr 13

The Beatitudes for Today by Gabe Posey

If I want to soothe that deep, empty ache in my heart, am I ready to chase down the right things, even when it costs me dearly? 

Apr 13

The Quiet Faithful Life of Ruth Lee by Andrea Burke

The amazing and good news about this upside-down kingdom of our God is that you can be the most effective, the most faithful, and leave the greatest legacy simply by being faithful in your quiet life.