May 30

A Jealous God by Adam McClendon

God’s pronouncement that He will not share his affections with false gods stands the test of time, bridging the gap between the Israelites and present-day believers. 

May 14

In the Morning, You Shall See the Glory of the Lord by Nick Murray

Each week, when we move from the text of the Bible to the table of the Lord, we remember our Israelite heritage and the way in which God has yet again set the table for us. And just like Israel, when we gather together to worship the risen Christ, reminding ourselves of the gospel by taking the Lord’s Supper, we shall see the glory of the LORD.

Apr 7

Meditating on the 9th Commandment with Martin Luther by Jason G. Duesing

In 1535 Martin Luther wrote a little book on prayer for his barber, which included a helpful recommendation that believers pray through the Ten Commandments as a means to warm one’s heart to God. What can following Luther's example show us about living honestly before our neighbors?