Beholding and Becoming

The Beholding and Becoming series aims to help the Church gaze upon and be transformed by the glory of the Lord in the everyday. Our hope is that through reflecting on the truth, beauty, and goodness present in common graces gifted by God, we would be reminded of His redemptive work in the world and in our lives.

Nov 29

The Glory of Church Graveyards by Aaron Frasier

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Every couple of months, I go for a walk around our church graveyard. I have called it a cemetery for the longest time, but it’s actually a graveyard. Graveyards are connected to a church. Cemeteries are not. As I walk through the graveyard, I visit the graves of saints that have passed on since I […]

Oct 27

Gospel Appropriation by Brett Fredenberg

Series: Beholding and Becoming

I used to dream of skydiving. There was something about jumping out of an airplane that just seemed like the right thing to do (I was a teenager!). To my surprise, and after much persuading, I actually convinced my parents to pay for the big jump as a high school graduation gift. I couldn’t believe […]

Sep 29

The Good News of Great Joy by Brett Fredenberg

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Jesus Christ came into this world so that – in His life, death, resurrection, and ascension – we could be made one with God again. He was restoring us to the life and happiness we experienced with Him in the garden, and continuing His original plan for this world to be filled with the glory of God.

Sep 19

Does Love Prevail Over Hardship? by Grace Pike

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Take heart, believer. There is nothing lost that cannot be redeemed; nothing broken that cannot be mended.

Aug 30

Though My Flesh May Fail: Reflections on Chronic Suffering from the Hospital Bed by Brett Fredenberg

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Amidst temptations to doubt, God continues to reveal His good purposes for me in my affliction. As I sit in my hospital bed today, three lessons stand out among the rest as reminders of the sovereignty of God’s grace and His goodness in my life.

Aug 17

A Gospel for the Broken by Grace Pike

Series: Beholding and Becoming

In the past week, I’ve walked with a friend through a miscarriage, listened to a heroin addict explain that he shoots up because his brother was shot in front of him, and sat with a friend confessing sin and sharing how the consequences will affect their life. Though I’ve not experienced their specific pain, I […]

Aug 2

The True and Better Leonardo by David McLemore

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Just as a Leonardo worked on the Mona Lisa (and, in fact, many of his other paintings—he was a meticulous procrastinator and denier of deadlines), so too is God working on us all our lives.

Jun 16

Above the Clouds, There is Sunshine by Brett Fredenberg

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Christians have a unique foundation for strength which has no rival. Christians can draw strength from the One with all strength, in whom there could be no true threat.

Feb 10

The Necessity of Friendship by David McLemore

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Lewis is right. We don’t need friends. But his point is just the opposite: we actually do. Friends are the most wonderfully unnecessary necessity.

Dec 24

Beginnings and Endings by Grace Pike

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Humanity is fascinated with the idea of time manipulation because, try as we might, we cannot control it. We rarely have awareness of when chapters of our lives are about to begin and end, let alone understanding of “what God has done from the beginning to the end.” But I am confident in this: our tension with time reveals our deeper yearning for redemption.