The Lord and Literature

The Lord and Literature series is a collection of articles and resources which work at the intersection of theology, Christian living, and literature. Our hope with this niche series is to leverage the beauty and power of great novels and poetry to turn our gaze towards the grandeur and grace of our triune God.

Aug 30

An Encouragement for Your Theological Journey from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations by Ronni Kurtz

Series: The Lord and Literature

You’re not responsible for understanding all the depths of theology today; you’re called to simply be intellectually faithful.

Aug 23

Guilt and Grace Met Together: A Reflection on Jack by Marilynne Robinson by Allyson Todd

Series: The Lord and Literature

If grace gives a kind word or a gentle smile, we would certainly be smitten. But if grace did something more, something unheard of, we would certainly be in love. 

Aug 9

Dignity and Despair: A Reaction to Steinbeck’s East of Eden by Ethan Collins

Series: The Lord and Literature

He could take away the gift of choice and rid His creation of both dignity and despair. But instead, He demonstrated love in its highest form.

Jul 6

At the Feet of the Fake: What Fiction Can Teach Us About Theological Interpretation by Ronni Kurtz

Series: The Lord and Literature

The novelist can instruct the theological reader about the inherit relationship between the ontology and functionality of a piece of literature.

May 18

Love People, Not the Idea of People: A Lesson from Ivan Karamazov by Ronni Kurtz

Series: The Lord and Literature

Christ’s cosmic display of love—the redemption of sinners—is not the tale of love in general.