Roles in Revelation

Jan 28

Live Your Identity! The One Whose Name is Written in the Book of Life by Todd Chipman

Series: Roles in Revelation

In Rev 21:27 John describes the role God gives to his people by writing their names in his heavenly book. This is a received role. Nevertheless, this role grounds and compels activity as one embraces God’s initiative and call to identify with him and the Lamb. This received role includes all the benefits of kingdom […]

Jan 27

Get Desperate for God! The One Who Thirsts for God by Todd Chipman

Series: Roles in Revelation

When you think about the final chapters of Revelation, what comes to mind? Judgment? Destruction? Hell, fire, and brimstone? While these are there, John’s theological portrait in Revelation 21–22 actually accentuates God’s desire to satisfy his people, thus urging all who hear his word to come to God and be filled. Thirst for God is […]

Jan 26

Be Faithful Unto Death! The One Who is Slaughtered for Their Testimony by Todd Chipman

Series: Roles in Revelation

Some of the roles John sets forth in Revelation lack appeal for modern readers, just as they would have for John’s live audience. As creatures, humans tend to avoid pain, not embrace roles that might lead to suffering. Let alone death. John exhibits pastoral concern in Revelation, compelling him to esteem those taking up the […]

Jan 25

Stay Awake! The Role of Keeping Alert by Todd Chipman

Series: Roles in Revelation

Many of us can’t focus for 5 minutes. The technological resources available to us opportune new pursuits without end. We can go in 1,000 directions and nowhere at the same time. This is a spiritual danger. The Bright Shiny Object fabricates a tale of fulfillment but lures us from reality. It promises what it cannot […]

Jan 24

Set Your Compass! The One Who is Oriented Toward God by

Series: Roles in Revelation

Believers need to look at their spiritual compass regularly. In seasons of dullness, when the landscape of life looks the same day after day, orienting ourselves toward God reminds us that the grind has a bigger purpose. In seasons of danger, orienting ourselves toward God fortifies us to endure challenges to our faith. John’s audience […]

Jan 23

Be Victorious! The One Who Conquers by Todd Chipman

Series: Roles in Revelation

In Revelation, one of John’s favorite roles for the believer to embrace is the role of conqueror, often expressed by the English word ‘victor.’ John’s language should shape how we view God, our local churches, and ourselves. Grant R. Osborne notes, “One of the most important messages of the book is the challenge to be […]

Jan 22

Take Up and Read, Take Up and Listen! by Todd Chipman

Series: Roles in Revelation

I have been a pastor for twenty-five years. That’s a lot of Bible reading and hearing. And I can’t wait for the next time my church gathers so we can read and hear the word together. I am fascinated by John’s emphasis on Revelation as Scripture and how he describes reading and hearing Scripture in […]