Aaron Frasier

Aaron Frasier has served as Pastor of Mt Zion Baptist Church in Chula, GA for almost 4 years. Prior to pastoring, he received his M.Div. from Southern Seminary. Aaron is married to Adrienne and they have one son, Haddon.

Jan 6

The Other Gospels of Our Day by Aaron Frasier

None of these other gospels are flat-out rejections of Christ. They actually take an aspect of the true gospel and make it the only thing that is important. That’s why it’s so easy to be deceived by them.

Nov 29

The Glory of Church Graveyards by Aaron Frasier

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Every couple of months, I go for a walk around our church graveyard. I have called it a cemetery for the longest time, but it’s actually a graveyard. Graveyards are connected to a church. Cemeteries are not. As I walk through the graveyard, I visit the graves of saints that have passed on since I […]