Allen Nelson

Allen S. Nelson is the pastor of Second Baptist Church in Perryville, AR. He is the cohost of Rural Church Podcast. He is married and has 5 children.

Jan 2

Three Ways to Safeguard Regenerate Church Membership by Allen Nelson

It’s disheartening that so many people are listed on a church roll somewhere but not actually attending.

Jan 30

The Necessity of the Local Church (Part 3) by Allen Nelson

The idea of the professing Christian living in isolation from the local church is quite foreign to the New Testament.

Jan 24

The Necessity of the Local Church (Part 2) by Allen Nelson

There is no “being the church” apart from “going to church.” The two are intrinsically connected.  ​

Jan 17

The Necessity of the Local Church (Part 1) by Allen Nelson

The New Testament is saturated with the local church. Trying to understand these 27 books apart from the local church is like playing baseball without the bases. You may be able to recognize the sport, but the path to winning has been eliminated.

Oct 10

6 Characteristics of a Successful Pastorate by Allen Nelson

Pastors must be able to teach sound doctrine and all that accords with it. 

Oct 5

Don’t Sing Noisy Songs by Allen Nelson

Your lips can go on autopilot singing some of the most beautiful and gospel-rich songs ever written all the while your heart is not truly on the same page.

Sep 21

4 Important Lessons from Charles Spurgeon’s Conversion by Allen Nelson

What if instead of making services about the altar, the priority of the gospel invitation was attached to the exhortation from Scripture?