Allyson Todd

Allyson Todd is an associate editor and intern for women’s initiatives at For The Church. She holds an undergrad degree from Spurgeon College, a dual major in Christian Ministry (missions emphasis) and Humanities. She also holds a Masters of Divinity at Midwestern Seminary where she works full time as the Assistant Director of Events for Student Life. Allyson is a member and the deacon of Women's Ministry at Wornall Road Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. Her ultimate desire is to continue learning more about the Word of God and equipping women to make disciples. You can follow her on Twitter at @_allysontodd.

Oct 20

What If Beauty Doesn’t Last Forever? by Allyson Todd

It’s hard to trust beautiful things with tragedy lurking around the corner.

Aug 23

Guilt and Grace Met Together: A Reflection on Jack by Marilynne Robinson by Allyson Todd

Series: The Lord and Literature

If grace gives a kind word or a gentle smile, we would certainly be smitten. But if grace did something more, something unheard of, we would certainly be in love. 

Jul 19

Lament For The Man In The Mugshot by Allyson Todd

If our eyes are fixed forward on the promise of eternity, we can both mourn and have hope.

May 17

The Holy Spirit Changes Everything by Allyson Todd

Do I believe that the Holy Spirit can overcome any sin, heal any wound, or provide any strength that you and I might need?

Apr 5

He is Risen – Now What? by Allyson Todd

The fact that Jesus rose from the grave is the easiest and most simple answer to our most difficult and complex questions in life.

Mar 24

Friendship Costs Considerably But Blesses Infinitely by Allyson Todd

The blessing of friendship on this earth points to the eternal blessing of communion with God and His people forevermore.

Feb 17

Less About The Fence, More About The Playground: Female Ambition and Complementarian Culture by Allyson Todd

What joy and goodness wait for the church when women are encouraged to sprint full-force into the playground where they can use their gifts in any and every way possible.

Jan 25

The Light of Weakness by Allyson Todd

Even if we momentarily have strength that surpasses all others, we are sure to face a reckoning of weakening.

Dec 21

Ye, Beneath Life’s Crushing Load by Allyson Todd

The Incarnation sounds the trumpet of our desperate need for a Savior acquainted with grief.

Nov 16

Life is Fleeting, God is Forever by Allyson Todd

Though we are not promised ease of life as we look forward to 2021, we are promised eternal life that gives enduring hope.