Allyson Todd

Allyson Todd is an associate editor and intern for women’s initiatives at For The Church. She holds an undergrad degree from Spurgeon College, a dual major in Christian Ministry (missions emphasis) and Humanities. She also holds a Masters of Divinity at Midwestern Seminary where she works full time as the Assistant Director of Events for Student Life. Allyson is a member and the deacon of Women's Ministry at Wornall Road Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. Her ultimate desire is to continue learning more about the Word of God and equipping women to make disciples. You can follow her on Twitter at @_allysontodd.

Jul 15

Dying to Live: Lilias Trotter’s Parables of the Cross by Allyson Todd

Are you willing to lose your life so that someone else could find their life in Jesus?

Jun 22

Worthy: A Book Review by Allyson Todd

Series: Book Reviews

Worthy caused me to be thankful for pastors, brothers, bosses, coworkers, friends, mentors, family members, and those who champion me on social media who I barely know! God is at work within His church. 

Jun 10

Calling My Prejudice By Its Name by Allyson Todd

I could never ask my African American brothers and sisters to trust that I will fight against systemic racism if I don’t first confess that I have sinned against them, and ultimately against the Lord.

May 20

When Pictures Aren’t Worth Their Words by Allyson Todd

It is not “virtue” for the children of God to speak only of their past failures. 

Apr 27

Bear the Sin, Look to the Savior by Allyson Todd

This is the path that looks like insanity to the world. Bearing the sins of one another in daily life, and even if we cannot maintain a relationship any longer, still loving and forgiving those who hurt us. 

Mar 30

We Will Still Feast by Allyson Todd

 Do we only recognize that this virus has taken comfort from us? Or do we also look to Jesus and see that He has given us a great gift? 

Feb 26

When I Don’t Like God’s Answer by Allyson Todd

I deceived myself and thought I had the right to question God, to turn my back and scoff at Him, the Creator of everything.

Feb 4

Handle With Care: A Book Review by Allyson Todd

Series: Book Reviews

If we can reframe how we think about touch and avoid fear of man, we can love our brothers and sisters by touching them in a holy, loving way. 

Jan 20

A Poem for MLK Day by Allyson Todd

A poem in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 13

By Women, For Women by Allyson Todd

These were not token women. They were essential participants in the fulfillment of God’s promises to Abraham and David.