Andy Shurson

Andy Shurson (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary) is a church planter and pastor of Desert Ridge Church in Phoenix. Andy has served in pastoral and ministry roles in Phoenix, Seattle, and Nashville. He loves preaching the Word and engaging with people about the gospel. Andy and his wife Lauren have three kids and can be found at baseball games, hiking, and enjoying good coffee (roasting it too). Beyond family and church, Andy writes curriculum and resources for churches across the country.

Oct 10

Start With The End: 3 Reasons You Should Try Writing the Conclusion of Your Sermon First by Andy Shurson

Have you ever listened to a sermon and felt like the preacher did not know how to stop talking? “Just land the plane” is an encouragement you may have heard before. Preaching is hard and ending the sermon with a satisfying conclusion is even harder. You can have the most engaging opening story, great exegesis, […]

Jul 18

The Verse from Acts that Inspired Preaching Revelation by Andy Shurson

“This will really bring the crazies out…” That is my inner dialogue whenever I considered preaching the book of Revelation. Many pastors, including myself, look at the book of Revelation and think: I have not been doing this pastor thing long enough to preach that book. Preaching the book of Revelation brings all sorts of […]

May 10

Jonah’s Audience Unlocks Our Preaching by Andy Shurson

I don’t remember a lot from Sunday School as a kid, but one picture that remains clear in my mind was coloring the picture of Jonah in the belly of the fish. That picture, which so beautifully engages imaginations young and old, makes the Book of Jonah exciting and difficult to preach. With a familiar […]