Benjamin Vrbicek

Benjamin Vrbicek is a teaching pastor at Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the managing editor for Gospel-Centered Discipleship. He and Brooke have six kids. He blogs at Fan and Flame, tweets at @BenjaminVrbicek, and is the co-author of Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World.

Dec 14

Redeeming Pastoral Ambition by Benjamin Vrbicek

If you want to change the world, have the ultimate side-hustle, and be a modern prince of preachers, then by the grace of God be a servant of all.

Sep 7

FTC Preaching Guide: Judges by Benjamin Vrbicek

For those willing to break a sweat and endure some soreness, the vistas that open in the book of Judges are just as fearfully and wonderfully made—you just might have to wade through a swamp or hack through a jungle before you can see them.

May 10

Congregations of Bruised Reeds by Benjamin Vrbicek

What is God to do with wounded, bruised people like us?

Feb 16

Redeeming Pastoral Ambition by Benjamin Vrbicek

The greatness of our service is enhanced not diminished by the lack of greatness of those we serve.

Jan 6

A Call for Content Creators to Cultivate Discernment by Benjamin Vrbicek

A relationship with the local church and submission to her leaders will help set a Christian blogger’s sights on building up God’s people.

Nov 22

Pastor, Don’t Interview like Michael Scott by Benjamin Vrbicek

Interviewing can be a rough experience for most pastors, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Sep 3

Run Like the Wind from Sexual Sin by Benjamin Vrbicek

If you genuinely believe sexual sin is wrong and it keeps you from experiencing joy in God, then what?

Jun 5

When Self-Preservation Becomes Our God by Benjamin Vrbicek

The problem is when self-preservation becomes an ultimate thing, when safety becomes a god. 

May 9

Making the Faith Your Own is Not Making Up Your Own Faith by Benjamin Vrbicek

There are secret things, and there are revealed things, but the faith once for all delivered is not a secret thing.

Jul 4

Jumping the Shark and the Trajectory of Sin by Benjamin Vrbicek

Over time, our increasing conformity to the image of Christ makes us more human in all the ways we are meant to be human, not less.