Brent Prentice

Brent Prentice has been the lead pastor of Eagle Heights in Stillwater, Oklahoma since January of ’09. He graduated with an MDiv from MBTS in 2005. He is married to Lacey, and they have two sons and a daughter. Follow him on Twitter via @brentprentice.

May 1

When Should A Child Be Baptized? by Brent Prentice

A child must also see that in their sinful nature-state they are morally deficient and hopelessly unrighteous.

Jun 9

Who Pastors the Pastor? by Brent Prentice

Every pastor needs to be pastored, because every pastor will become weary in the work, even if they are not weary of it.

Jul 6

How to Help People Leave Your Church the Right Way by Brent Prentice

Many church leaders strategize about ways to grow their membership in number and maturity, but how much thought is given to how they are helping their members leave in a healthy way?