Brian Sauve

Brian Sauvé is the pastor of preaching at Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah—home of the Wasatch Mountains, the Utah Jazz, a large number of well-dressed men on bicycles (if you know what I mean), and very few good coffee shops. He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Calvary Chapel Bible College and regularly writes for Deeply Rooted Magazine, as well as Mouse & Mane. He is married to Lexy, and they have three delightful children.

Apr 27

Death is a Vapor by Brian Sauve

We need a better reckoning of what is inevitable and what is fleeting, of what is emerging and what is retreating.

Oct 27

The Pastoral Duty of Letting People Down by Brian Sauve

I want a pastor who will stop slathering fresh layers of bitumen on his egomaniacal Babel and believe instead that his hope isn’t in being well-liked.