Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis serves as the founding and lead pastor of True Life Church in Arvada, Colorado. He is currently completing his Dmin at Covenant focusing on cultural apologetics. Caleb and his wife, Sara, have two teenagers and are dedicated to Jesus and eating at as many bakeries as humanly possible.

Jan 1

How to Start the Year Strong: An Actionable Plan by Caleb Davis

Your Days Matter Here’s a sobering truth: the wasted life is possible. It is a lurking enemy we must be aware of. Talents can be buried, time can be squandered, opportunities can be missed. You will not drift towards the vision of life God has for you. Seriously, let that sink in. You will not […]

Dec 5

9 Biblical Methods for Encouraging One Another by Caleb Davis

The Need for Encouragement Would you take more encouragement if you could get it? Have you ever felt like you had no more need of encouragement? What would be possible in your life if you lived with a continual diet of encouragement from others? These questions help reveal something we all intuitively know: We need […]