Champ Thornton

Champ Thornton, MDiv, is the associate pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church in Delaware. He has pastored in South Carolina and served as a director of SOMA, a ministry training school in Columbus, OH. He is also the author of Why Do We Say Goodnight?, The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith, God’s Love: A Bible Storybook, Pass It On: A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation, and Radically Different: A Student’s Guide to Community, a Bible curriculum for early and upper elementary-aged children. Champ and his wife, Robben, have three children.

Mar 2

How to Teach the Reformation to the Next Generation by Champ Thornton

In some ways, we’re always teaching the next generation about the Reformation. Even when we fail, we have the opportunity to model repentance and reliance on the grace of Christ.