Clara Sylvester

Clara Sylvester lives in Kansas City and is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Midwestern Seminary. She serves the institution in the office of Institutional Relations, and is a member at Cross Fellowship Church in Overland Park. Clara holds a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from Cedarville University and writes content for churches and institutions to see and savor Christ richly through the written word. You can find her writings on Instagram and follow her on Twitter at @clarathebean.

Nov 24

Practicing Confession by Clara Sylvester

Confessing Jesus as our Savior and as our ultimate way of escape is where our hope lies. When we lock arms with other believers, we walk alongside those who help us fight our sin.

Nov 1

When Good Things Start to Hurt by Clara Sylvester

Seeing the Lord redeem and restore brokenness is one of the gifts of the Christian life.

Aug 10

Washing Dishes and the Futility of Life by Clara Sylvester

There’s nothing that makes you think about the futility of life quite like washing dishes. No matter what you do, there’s always something that needs to be washed, dried, or put away. More than once, I have collected all the dishes from around my house, scrubbed until my fingers are pruny, and then I turn […]

Jul 21

The Body and The Bread by Clara Sylvester

We remember the body of Christ at large, the family that extends across state lines and cultures and peoples and nations.

Dec 16

The Purification of Waiting by Clara Sylvester

Instead of a season to pray and prepare and grow in patience and perseverance, waiting can become a place of bitterness and self-indulgence.