Cody Barnhart

Cody Glen Barnhart is a Spurgeon College graduate and serves as the Director of Music and Media at First Baptist Alcoa in Alcoa, Tennessee. He previously interned at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and will soon be continuing his education at the University of Aberdeen.

Aug 5

Finding the Right Hills to Die On: A Book Review by Cody Barnhart

This is a book that I want to get in the hands of every church member because it is the backbone of what we need in 2021: church unity.

May 24

A Plea to Worship Leaders: Sing for the Children by Cody Barnhart

When children hear the gospel sung, even if they don’t fully understand what it means, they get a head start on learning the vocabulary of the gospel.

Mar 1

Three Maxims For Planning Congregational Worship Services by Cody Barnhart

Don’t let gospel-centeredness become a mere measuring stick of a new set of corporation-like metrics.

Oct 8

3 Gospelisms That Empower Repentance by Cody Barnhart

Repentance is not far away if you have been made new by the Spirit.

Sep 8

4 Important Ways Single Men Can Protect Women by Cody Barnhart

Here are four ways to protect women in your singleness that I think will help us churn out less self-centered boys and more biblically-minded men.

Aug 12

5 Ways to Revitalize Your Worship Service by Cody Barnhart

Does your church's worship service look like Lord’s Day of the Living Dead?

Jul 21

3 Things Sin Can’t Do To the Christian by Cody Barnhart

These reminders help us eliminate the shame we feel after disobedience and push us to repent of our sin even when we're tempted to wallow in it. They are "gospelisms"—truths about the gospel that are easy to preach to one another when we begin to forget the gospel—and I hope that they help you as they have helped me.

Jul 5

In Victory, Insufficiency by Cody Barnhart

I’m convinced of this glorious and liberating truth about the gospel: In our victory, we can embrace insufficiency.

May 4

Jesus Died For Your Depression Too by Cody Barnhart

There is no spot that the blood of Christ is unable to cover.