Collin Campbell

Collin Campbell has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and Communication from Southwest Baptist University. He is currently a Masters student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a member of Emmaus Church in Kansas City, Missouri and is married to Laura. 

Jan 26

Family Discipleship: A Book Review by Collin Campbell

Series: Book Reviews

You don’t have to add thirty different events to your calendar to disciple your children, you just need to take advantage of time, moments, and milestones that you already have.

Aug 10

The War of Words by Collin Campbell

The purpose of engaging our neighbors is not to show that we are right, but to love them and to lead them to submit to the word of God.

Aug 14

Training For Godliness by Collin Campbell

While reading your Bible every day, praying, and fasting do not necessitate spiritual growth, neglecting them is like never going to the gym in the first place.