David Bronson

David Bronson loves Jesus and Jesus' church. He is one of the pastors at Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City, MO. David and his wife, Margaret, live in Jefferson City with their four children and a deranged robot vacuum named Siobhan. You can follow him on Twitter @d_m_bronson.

Mar 7

The (Consistently) Gospel-Centered Shepherd by David Bronson

Let’s commit to not only preaching out of the heart of the gospel, but pastoring out of it as well. The former, we learn to do as we mine the Gospel for the benefits that it can give to our flock.

Oct 26

Disciple a Worship Leader by David Bronson

Most worship leaders genuinely want to see the church grow in godliness. It's just that no one ever told them that they might be able to do something about that.

Apr 11

I Will Boast In My Weakness by David Bronson

My immune system rips ragged holes in my intestines the way a tailor tears broadcloth. You can imagine the results: I wake up, eat, drink, read, work, drive, and play with my kids while in constant pain. All this bodily chaos disrupts every part of my life. By the time I reach the end of a day, I too often feel like a useless, paralyzed limb on Christ’s body.