David McLemore

David McLemore is a writer, reader, preacher, and discipler. He serves as an elder at Refuge Church in Franklin, TN, and also works for large healthcare corporation managing a group of software application developers. He is married to Sarah and they have three wonderful boys and one sweet daughter.

Jan 30

The Bible Warned Us About This by David McLemore

There is only one hero. Others may good models in some areas, maybe even in most areas, but all but Christ are fallen. 

Dec 26

What’s in a Name? by David McLemore

In Genesis 17, God did something new in Abram’s life. He changed his name. Abram had 99 problems, but a name wasn’t one.

Oct 6

How to Encourage Your Pastor by David McLemore

Series: Pastoral Ministry Collection

Trust that your pastor is following Jesus closely enough that you can trust him. 

Sep 27

My Only Comfort by David McLemore

My back hurts almost all the time now. It starts when I wake up. I turn on my left side to stop the alarm from waking my wife and notice the slight twinge of discomfort. If I am not careful, laying there on my pillow with my head tilted the wrong way will prepare me […]

Aug 2

The True and Better Leonardo by David McLemore

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Just as a Leonardo worked on the Mona Lisa (and, in fact, many of his other paintings—he was a meticulous procrastinator and denier of deadlines), so too is God working on us all our lives.

May 12

Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality by David McLemore

This real world is the one to which Jesus came. Jesus entered our humanity. He became one of us, taking on flesh and blood, partaking of the same things as you and me.

Feb 18

Just Keep Going by David McLemore

If anyone knew what it meant to grow weary of doing good, it was the Apostle Paul. So how can he say flatly, “Let us not grow weary of doing good”? What kept him going?

Feb 10

The Necessity of Friendship by David McLemore

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Lewis is right. We don’t need friends. But his point is just the opposite: we actually do. Friends are the most wonderfully unnecessary necessity.

Jan 21

With Me You Shall Be in Safekeeping by David McLemore

There may be a time when you too must run for your life. If so, there is a king who has stooped low, and if you run to him, you shall be in safekeeping.

Dec 17

Jesus Our Hope by David McLemore

Placing our hope in the promises of God apart from the person of God ensures disappointment. Misplaced hope is a terrible thing to live with. But placed in the crucified hands of Jesus, hope holds us up because Jesus holds us up.