David Prince

Dr. David E. Prince, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY and Assistant Professor of Christian Preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Apr 9

Our Clay Pot Ministry Credential by David Prince

The triumphant march of the gospel around the globe cannot be explained by man, it can only be explained by God and his awesome, gracious, supernatural power.

Mar 12

Suffering By Grace by David Prince

The worst injustice and most significant suffering in the history of the cosmos is Jesus the Christ being crucified.

Feb 12

Sermon Delivery Matters by David Prince

When our manner of delivery conforms to the message of the biblical text, it becomes obvious that the text we are preaching has pierced our own heart.

Nov 27

What About Me Right Now? by David Prince

Sometimes we prefer the safety of our misery to the promises of God.

Oct 23

Does God Want Me to be Happy? by David Prince

However, there’s another mistake that is perhaps more common these days. Many people have no problem believing that God wants them to be happy, but then they make the fatal mistake of thinking they get to define happiness.

Sep 4

David Prince on The State of Preaching by David Prince

How would you characterize the state of preaching in evangelicalism today?

Aug 28

Sticktoitiveness and the Christian Life by David Prince

Sticktoitiveness isn’t easy. However, you may be surprised to learn that God says its necessary.

Aug 7

Forever Transforms Today by David Prince

When suffering is faith-filled suffering for Christ’s sake, the suffering is transformed for God-glorifying good.

Jul 10

Stop Comparing Yourself to Well-Known Pastors by David Prince

You may not have the gifting of historic pulpit legends past and present, but you do have the same Word of God

Apr 24

Simple Tips to Study the Bible by David Prince

The Author of the Bible intended to write this Book in order to be known and loved.