Davis Lacey

Davis Lacey serves as the Student and Early Career Pastor for Grace Fellowship Church in Kinston, NC. He is also pursuing an MDiv through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a regular contributor to Rooted: Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry, and has had work featured by The Gospel Coalition. He is fortunate to be married to his childhood sweetheart Charis, and the two of them love having adventures with their baby daughter (Evelynn Grace) and adorable pet rabbit (Wilson).

Oct 11

The Gospel According to David and Bathsheba by Davis Lacey

I am transformed from a person who balks at King David’s selfishness and short-sightedness into a person who bawls alongside of him. 

Mar 9

Is Your Platform Worth Your Life? by Davis Lacey

Christians, how can we be vigilant to guard against selfish ambition in our lives and ministries?