Davy Ellison

Dr. Davy Ellison is the Director of Training at Irish Baptist College, elder at Antrim Baptist Church, and author of a short book on Isaiah entitled "The Holy One of Israel" and a primer on reformation theology entitled "Five: The Solas of the Reformation." His writing has also appeared at The Gospel Coalition, historical theology.org, Evangelicals Now, and Themelios. He and his wife, Tracy, live in Northern Ireland.

Jul 12

In the Depths? Help from Jonah 2 by Davy Ellison

A single image, from my first few visits to London, is impressed on my mind: the view from the top of an escalator in the larger Underground Tube stations. I remember standing looking at this enormous moving stairway, tilted at a frightening angle, inching slowly but steadily into the depths of London’s underground. Imagine gazing […]

Mar 18

This is Meekness by Davy Ellison

In a true knowledge of our standing before God we possess an inner strength that enables us to act for the benefit of others, even at our own expense.