Drake Burrows

Drake Burrows serves as the founding and lead Pastor of Trinity Church in the Midtown region of Kansas City, MO. He is married to Lydia, and together they are raising two children.

Jul 15

Prayer, A Sweet Communion by Drake Burrows

The Beginning of Prayer In the beginning, God breathed His breath into humanity. According to both Moses and Paul, this breath (or Spirit) caused Adam and Eve to be living souls (see Gen 1:7; 1 Cor 15:45). What does it mean to be a living soul? At the very least, it means that we were […]

Jun 28

What is Incomprehensibility? by Drake Burrows

Series: Theology in the Everyday

Editor’s Note: The Theology in the Everyday series seeks to introduce and explain theological concepts in 500 words or less, with a 200-word section helping explain the doctrine to kids. At For The Church, we believe that theology should not be designated to the academy alone but lived out by faith in everyday life. We […]

May 17

What is the Spirituality of God? by Drake Burrows

Series: Theology in the Everyday

“There is but one only living and true God, who is infinite in being and perfection, a most pure spirit, invisible, without body, parts, or passions. . .”

Apr 4

The Layered Path to God: Finding God in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty by Drake Burrows

You’ve heard echoes of the God who is Goodness, Beauty, and Truth, haven’t you? The echoes might have been faint, but even so, they’ve been unmistakably, and even hauntingly, there.

Jun 16

The Holy Spirit and Human Flourishing by Drake Burrows

As human beings, we are most fully embodied and in our proper place when we are in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit. Thus, there is no path toward true and lasting human flourishing apart from God’s indwelling Spirit.

Feb 23

A Godly Life in Christ: Suffering with Jesus by Drake Burrows

For Paul, these words were not mere suggestions or passing remarks. He knew the reality which they signified all too well. For he had suffered much for the sake of Christ – sleepless nights, shipwrecks, famine, persecution… but that was for another letter.

Aug 10

The Force, the Spirit, and Romans 8 by Drake Burrows

I’ve got a confession: I often view the Holy Spirit as nothing but a useful tool. This thought dawned on me as my wife and I sat down to watch through the Star Wars Saga (wife’s first time, my second). The Force Anyone who knows anything about Star Wars has likely encountered talk of the […]

Mar 10

God’s Presence is Our Safety by Drake Burrows

For those in Christ, the safest place to run to (the only place to run to, really) is none other than God’s presence.