Grace Sutton

Grace Sutton is an associate editor at For the Church. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Spurgeon College and works as the Admissions Office Coordinator at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where she is currently a student earning a Master of Theological Studies degree. Grace is a member at Northside Fellowship KC.

Dec 30

After the Manger by Grace Sutton

In this week that bookends Christmas and the new year, I hope you remember that Christ was not only the baby born for you and the man who died for you, but a boy who lived for you.

Nov 30

Looking Up after Loss: Learning from the Prophet Anna by Grace Sutton

My tendency is to reoil from a world that takes things away from me. I would hide for days with my face in my lap if I could. Anna didn’t—she looked up. And one day, she saw Christ.

Aug 24

A Prayer at the Dawn of a Theological School Year by Grace Sutton

O Lord, as light dawns on the first few days of the school year for seminary and bible college students, light our path as we journey through theological education.

May 30

With Us Now and til the End by Grace Sutton

Feeling alone is an occupational hazard that comes with being human, but being alone is something the Christian can never be.

Apr 19

Where We Used to and Supposed to Be in Our Twenties by Grace Sutton

As long as we are in our twenties (or teens, or thirties, or more, for that matter), we will not be where we belong, but we belong somewhere—not where we used to, but supposed to be: in God’s loving care.

Feb 25

Faithfulness is Right in Front of You by Grace Sutton

Whoever you are, wherever you are, faithfulness is right in front of you. It’s whatever’s next—no matter how hard or trivial or crucial it might be.

Jan 24

No Insurance for Broken Hearts by Grace Sutton

Human beings weren’t made to expect disappointment, but rather perfection, beauty, truth, and satisfaction in God. We were not made to be banished from his presence in Eden, and yet this is where we find ourselves.

Dec 21

Far as the Curse is Found by Grace Sutton

Will everything ever be as it should be, when all we know is what shouldn’t be? This is a question for Christmas, when God became man to crack the curse.

Nov 24

Let Me Be Single by Grace Sutton

Let the unmarried be single if they want, and the married glorify God in their marriage. God has ordained it, and his Word allows it. At the end of the day, God is calling all of us to follow him more than he is asking us to check a certain box about our marital status.