Greg Spires

Greg Spires serves as Teaching Pastor at First Baptist Church of Medford, Oregon. Greg has been married for 17 years, and he and his wife have three children: an 11 year old daughter, an eight year old son, and a two year old son.

Nov 29

Eyes to See by Greg Spires

Countless angels long to look into the gospel, and God provides them the opportunity through His church. 

Apr 15

‘What Do People Want?’ is The Wrong Question by Greg Spires

Trying to figure out what people want will always lead to ministry that is opposed to gospel centered ministry

Dec 2

When The Church Stings Her Pastor by Greg Spires

 I knew when I entered full-time pastoral ministry that I wouldn’t be able to please everybody. I thought my experience in the world of auto claims would prepare me for the times when I would let people down and upset them. Man, was I ever wrong about that.