H.B. Charles Jr.

H.B. Charles, Jr. has been the pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida since 2008. Over the course of H.B.'s pastorate, his love for God's Word, the church, and lost people has resulted in joyfully balancing his pastoral responsibilities with speaking engagements in revivals, conferences, and other church events. He is married to his best friend, Crystal, and they are the proud parents of three children, H.B. Charles III, Natalie Marie and Hailey Breanne. He was a contributor of the Power in the Pulpit, and continues to seek further education to help fulfill his prayerful desire to write and teach alongside his calling to pastoral ministry.

Dec 3

Leading From the Pulpit by H.B. Charles Jr.

First and foremost, the pastor-teacher is charged to preach the word (2 Timothy 4:1-2). His leadership should flow out of his preaching, not compete with it.

Nov 26

Living By the Book by H.B. Charles Jr.

The word of God is sufficient for every season of life. This glorious theme is established in the opening stanza of Psalm 119, which teaches three aspects of living by the book.

Nov 5

Prominence and Significance are Not the Same Thing by H.B. Charles Jr.

For many years, I served a church in the shadows of many so-called “megachurches” in my city. This was not a thing for me. I believed my congregation was, pound-for-pound, just as strong and healthy and fruitful as these larger congregations. But there were times when I felt the pressure to measure up to other […]

Oct 22

The Happy Dilemma of a Growing Preacher by H.B. Charles Jr.

As I grow older – and grow up, I hope – certain aspects of my preaching style are inevitably changing with me.

Oct 1

Armor Bearer Is Not A Biblical Church Office by H.B. Charles Jr.

The church needs godly elders and faithful deacons, not ecclesiastical rent-a-cops.

Sep 24

On Sermon Conclusions by H.B. Charles Jr.

Christ is not honored when he is mentioned at the end of a message that ignores him throughout.

Sep 3

On Sermon Illustrations by H.B. Charles Jr.

A compelling illustration sheds light on the message and helps the congregation see what you are saying.

Aug 27

On Consecutive Exposition by H.B. Charles Jr.

Consecutive exposition ensures your congregation is properly exposed to the unfamiliar texts, obscure personalities, and unpopular truths of the Bible they need to hear.

Aug 6

Prayer and the Ministry of the Word by H.B. Charles Jr.

Spiritual leaders can only minister effectively when we pray consistently.