Jake Rainwater

Jake Rainwater is a student at Midwestern Baptist Theological seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity. He currently serves as both a research assistant to Jason Allen, President of MBTS, as well as Undergraduate Assistant for John Mark Yeats and Midwestern College. Jake served in the local church as a youth minister in Mobile, Alabama before he moved to Kansas City, where he now serves in a volunteer capacity at Emmaus Church. He is married to his high school sweet heart, Tabitha. Follow him on Twitter at @JakeRainwater.

Dec 2

How To Stay Christian During Xmas by Jake Rainwater

Along with the various sounds of the holidays, there is a tension in the air. And it’s not just the umpteenth repeat of “Christmas Shoes.”

Aug 26

Narnia, Sanctification, and The Hardest Prayer by Jake Rainwater

When we attempt to solve our shortcomings on our own, we are doing nothing more than scratching the scales off of our bodies, like Eustace did.

Aug 25

Christian, Do Not Stop Preaching Sin by Jake Rainwater

Christian, do not stop preaching sin, because sin is what makes the gospel beautiful.