Janae Zook

Janae Mansour Zook lives in Oregon with her husband and two boys. She teaches as a nursing instructor at a local Christian university and manages a Physical Therapy clinic with her husband. You can find her reading, surfing, and going on many toddler-paced hikes. Read more from Janae at Reflections of Terror and Beauty.

Jun 21

Motherhood: An Unassuming Currency by Janae Zook

Motherhood is often the sipping of lukewarm coffee. It’s the crunch of Cheerios underfoot. It’s washing dishes and waking to wash dishes…again. Mothering leaves us exhausted. We work around the clock, and the laundry is still half-folded. When we’ve left careers, trade promotions, and external achievements for more time at home, this discouragement is compounded […]