Jeff Crawford

Dr. Jeff Crawford, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is a pastor, educator, and author. He makes his home in Northwest Arkansas with his wife, Julie, and their four children. Jeff is the co-founder and President of the Cross Church School of Ministry and Teaching Pastor at Cross Church. He is the author of the award winning book, Image of God � From Who You Are To Who You Can Become and On A Ship To Tarshish � God�s Will Your Life. He also blogs at and tweets at @jeffcraw4d.

Dec 21

A New England Journey by Jeff Crawford

God uses the most ordinary of people and the most ordinary of settings to do the most extraordinary things.  It is so important, so critical, that we remember.  For when people forget, we are but one generation away from darkness.  But darkness is never so dark that a single Light cannot but easily pierce it. 

Dec 15

Starting Points by Jeff Crawford

A person’s worldview works the same way as putting together a puzzle.  Everyone has corners and borders, and these important starting points frame the rest of the picture.  

Nov 30

My Lunch With An Atheist by Jeff Crawford

When you genuinely like another person, it’s a lot harder to be mean and cruel when it comes to their ideas.

Jul 6

Thoughts On Prayer by Jeff Crawford

What prayer is and what it does and how it works and the ways it changes us and the world is nearly impossible to grasp. So here are just a few thoughts on prayer that have been camping out in my mind . . .

Jun 10

What NASCAR Taught Me About Church by Jeff Crawford

As I was watching Speedweek’s events, particularly the qualifying duels on the Thursday before the 500, I learned something about, of all things, the church.