Jeff Mingee

Jeff Mingee is the pastor of Catalyst Church in Newport News, Virginia. He also serves as a church-planting strategist with the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia and helps lead the Hampton Roads regional chapter of The Gospel Coalition. Jeff has an MDiv in pastoral ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Forgiveness: A Risk Worth Taking and Called to Cooperate: A Biblical Survey and Application of Teamwork. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Newport News with their sons, Aiden and Carter.

Dec 6

10 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor Search Team by Jeff Mingee

God is shepherding his people even in seasons of pastoral transition. Unexpected resignations or changes in leadership do not threaten His good purposes or plans. His promises pertaining to prayer remain in uncertain seasons. He continues to work through the prayers of his people. In fact, God may use a season of pastoral transition to […]

Jan 12

The Challenges and Blessings of Transient Churches by Jeff Mingee

Amidst the challenges of ministry in a transient area, God gives some particular blessings. Pastors in a transient area get to anticipate who God will send and raise up for ministry. Pastors in a transient area also develop a love for some of the attributes of God which might be more easily assumed in stable environments.

Nov 11

COVID-19, Cooperation, and Church Leadership: Seven Questions for Church Leaders by Jeff Mingee

Perhaps we would do well to focus on the one next step that God is calling us to take as a leader.