Jeremy Rose

Jeremy Rose serves as lead pastor of The Axis Church in Nashville, Tennessee and is the Acts 29 Network's Area Director for Middle Tennessee. He and his wife Jill have four children. You can follow him on Twitter at @axisjeremy.

Aug 21

Pastor, How Will You Last? by Jeremy Rose

Pastor, don’t over-shepherd your church at the expense of under-shepherding your heart, the heart of your wife, and the hearts of your children.

Feb 5

Developing a Vibrant Reading Plan by Jeremy Rose

I recommend that you always be reading.

May 14

Beyond the Church Walls by Jeremy Rose

Pastors, explore the reasons for “why” and “what” and “how" of doing church with your people frequently. You may know the answers to the majority—if not all—of these questions, but that doesn't mean the people on mission with you do.

May 4

Jesus, Joe Montana, and Hand Soap by Jeremy Rose

In seeking righteousness through following a list of rules or focusing on our performance, we may feel superior or clean for a moment but that doesn’t make us a Christian any more than wearing a Joe Montana jersey makes us a good football player.

May 4

When We Don’t Respond Like Jesus by Jeremy Rose

Too many of us look for the out so we can step away from the need, rather than looking for any way in to show the tenderness of Jesus and the love of God.

Apr 7

Pastors, Pursue Jesus in His Word by Jeremy Rose

Pastors, your sermon prep is not sufficient for personal nourishment in the word of God. We must be chasing after Jesus constantly in the Scriptures in order to feed our hungry souls and, consequently, to feed our churches.