Jim Elliff

Jim Elliff is the president of Christian Communicators Worldwide. Through this ministry Jim, and a team of communicators, train leaders, teach the Bible, and evangelize, both overseas and throughout the United States. He is the author of several books, and writes regularly for CCWtoday.org and BulletinInserts.org. Jim is also one of several pastors of Christ Fellowship of Kansas City, a network of congregations meeting in homes in Metro Kansas City.

Apr 18

Encourage Discouraged Pastors by Jim Elliff

I doubt that you could possible know what intentional love can do for those God has, in his providence, put over you in the Lord.

Mar 1

An Intimate Hour with God by Jim Elliff

The following suggestions are designed to help you spend an extended time in prayer and meditation with God. You may spend this hour alone or with others. The order is not essential, but does provide a helpful way to progress.

Feb 6

The Pronouns Preach: Lessons on the Glory of the Church by Jim Elliff

Among so much that Paul wishes to say to these people, one thing stands out in the book of Ephesians—although they came from extremely diverse backgrounds, they must learn to live together as believers.

Dec 30

To Obtain the Inheritance by Jim Elliff

We are co-heirs with Christ, meaning all that Christ has received in his ascension, we have received. The realization of all that will not come until later, yet it is ours.

Sep 19

The Rural Church Dilemma by Jim Elliff

Here are some thoughts for rural pastors. You are the experts, not me. But these thoughts might stimulate something in a church that is not going to be known, outside of a miracle, for its numerical growth. In fact, you may wonder sometimes if God knows you are there.

May 4

The Nod and the Pause: Where the War Begins by Jim Elliff

When lust awakens in the easy chair, with one eye open he peeks over the window ledge on to the street where temptation sends its knowing glance. At this moment and not any later, declare in your mind, “I am dead to this in Christ. I do not serve it.”

Feb 16

15 Resolves for Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Severe Interpersonal Conflicts by Jim Elliff

Here are fifteen areas of obedience that will bring personal peace, assure that God’s reputation is honored in our lives, and improve dramatically the possibility for reconciliation.

Jan 19

The Unrepenting Repenter by Jim Elliff

The believer may sin the worst of sins, it is true; but to remain in the love of sin, or to be comfortable in the atmosphere of sin, is a deadly sign, for only repenters inhabit heaven.

Dec 29

When Pastors Aren’t Able To Pastor by Jim Elliff

There are some good days, and certainly some fine people who encourage him, but he’s frustrated because the job God called him to do just cannot be done. He has many people to tend to, numbers of which are missing, and even those who are present are more than any average man could possibly care for—that is, really care for.

Dec 15

Loving Even the Cantankerous by Jim Elliff

First of all, love is the highest mark of maturity. Therefore, not loving the other members of the church is a sign of our immaturity.