Jim Elliff

Jim Elliff is the president of Christian Communicators Worldwide. Through this ministry Jim, and a team of communicators, train leaders, teach the Bible, and evangelize, both overseas and throughout the United States. He is the author of several books, and writes regularly for three CCW websites: CCWtoday.org, BulletinInserts.org and WaytoGod.org. Jim is also one of several pastors of Christ Fellowship of Kansas City, a network of congregations meeting in homes in Metro Kansas City.

Aug 5

Discouraged Pastors by Jim Elliff

There are plenty of pastors with generous smiles on their faces each Sunday who, deep down, are very disheartened. Pastoring a church is hard work. For one thing, it is usually thankless. I know there are some churches that seem to remember their pastors with such fanfare, but most do not ever esteem them. They […]

Jul 22

The Rationale for Wrath by Jim Elliff

The very fact that you think you are without need of Christ proves your blindness and hardness of heart.

Jul 15

Leaving the Work Undone by Jim Elliff

Do you find enemy holdouts in your life? Sins that rule you? Habits that are a snare to you?

Jun 9

Busy Unlike Jesus by Jim Elliff

Becoming like fast-paced executives really doesn’t impress God. 

Jun 3

Is Healing in the Atonement? by Jim Elliff

We’re not always wise enough to know which way of dispensing the benefits of the atonement is best.

Apr 17

What Did They Mean, “Believe in Christ?” by Jim Elliff

Something has been done for you that you could not do for yourself through his dying and rising again on your behalf.

Mar 18

Worth A Lot of Sparrows by Jim Elliff

It is hardly God’s great purpose to make you feel like you’re something special.

Mar 3

An Intimate Hour with God by Jim Elliff

The following suggestions are designed to help you spend an extended time in prayer and meditation with God.

Feb 18

The Love of Beauty by Jim Elliff

Within me is the longing for beauty, and the repulsion of non-beauty. I am convinced that I have the normal longings of all of us. We are made for beauty.

Feb 10

Looking For a Church? Here’s What to Look For by Jim Elliff

Though there are many things a particular church may not be able to do well, love is not one of them.