K.V. Paxton

K.V. Paxton is Lead Pastor at First Baptist Church in Cordele, GA. He is a graduate of Criswell College in Dallas, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a doctoral student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Sayla have 4 children: Azi, Aly, Ayla, and Augustine.

Oct 27

A Plea to Church Members: Give Your Pastor Grace by K.V. Paxton

Series: Pastoral Ministry Collection

I tell you all of this to offer a simple plea in these strange times: give your pastor grace.

Sep 15

Be Faithful and Come What May by K.V. Paxton

The church belongs to Him, and if we are following the calls in His Word, then we are being faithful.

Jan 30

The Irony of Holding a Grudge by K.V. Paxton

Holding a grudge never ever results in what we think it will. 

Nov 10

Pastor: You Are Appreciated by K.V. Paxton

We know He gives the growth and thus gets the glory, but He does see you, and He will reward you.

Sep 18

An Old Church Building and a Reminder of Grace by K.V. Paxton

 It does not matter if we think we’re worth it; He thinks we are. 

Jul 8

Pastor, This Isn’t a Competition by K.V. Paxton

Pastor, this is not a competition. God loves you just as extravagantly in your failures as He does in your successes and He isn't comparing your ministry to the one across the street.

Oct 18

Worship According to Habakkuk by K.V. Paxton

Worship should change us. If we are encountered by the same God Habakkuk speaks of, we will be transformed. We will leave different than we were when we came. If we aren’t transformed, we aren’t worshipping.