Karen Allen

Karen Allen is the wife of Jason Allen, fifth President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is also mother to five children: Anne-Marie, Caroline, William, Alden & Elizabeth. She has a passion to see women grow in God’s Word, and serves as the founder and leader of Midwestern Women’s Institute which provides a course of study to prepare ladies for local church ministry.

Nov 19

Motherhood and Truth by Karen Allen

Motherhood is too weighty a responsibility to be built on any other foundation than the truth of God’s Word.

Apr 20

Don’t Waste Your Medical Crisis by Karen Allen

Approximately one year ago, on April 11, 2019, my life was forever changed.  Until that day, 2019 was a year marked primarily by busyness. Life and ministry with my husband and family was full. The days were good, but long.

Oct 1

The Mission of Motherhood by Karen Allen

Series: 2019 For The Church Women's Pre-Conference

Karen Allen's talk delivered at the 2019 For The Church Women's Pre-Conference.