Kelly Wolfe

Kelly Wolfe is a covenant member at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, and is currently studying Biblical and Theological Studies at Boyce College in pursuit of vocational ministry to women. Kelly has a vision for women to grow in biblical literacy and passion for the Word, particularly the way it relates to every area of our lives. She is also passionate about expressing vulnerability through creativity and loves writing and every animal ever.

Apr 26

Creativity as Worship by Kelly Wolfe

What things might you engage in to actively acknowledge God as your Creator and yourself as made in his image? What creative things stir your affections for Christ?

Mar 31

What if the Good Samaritan Drove a Car? by Kelly Wolfe

There is one thought about the conveniences of modern life that keeps eating at me. What if we are forfeiting opportunities to engage with people, particularly in the ways the Jesus did?