Lane Harrison

Lane Harrison, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, planted LifePoint Church, Ozark, Missouri in 2004 and has served as Lead Pastor for the past 11 years. Prior to planting LifePoint, he served in a number of ministry roles. The son of a pastor, Lane surrendered to the Gospel ministry at age 19 and has served the local church for 26 years. He is passionate about preaching the truth of God's Word through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading the church on mission and raising up men to lead the church.

Feb 8

One Thing: Lane Harrison by Lane Harrison

Series: Conversations

What are the pastor's most important weekly tasks?

Jul 21

One Thing: Lane Harrison by Lane Harrison

Series: One Thing

What is the one thing the local church needs to get right in the 21st century?

Jun 2

How Do I Know When I Should Plant A Church? by Lane Harrison

Discerning a call to plant a church presents a great challenge. I have been blessed to network with church planters and coach them through discerning their call. The conversation inevitably arrives at a question very similar to this: “I've got this vision that I know God has given me, but I keep asking ‘How do I know when it is time to go?’"

May 20

How To Repair A Plane in Mid-Air by Lane Harrison

The best place to repair an airplane is on the ground. This minimizes moving parts, leaves less room for error, and removes the almost certain fatal result if the repair goes wrong. But mission never stops and in the real world this is often not an option.

Apr 2

Building a Church Planting Culture in Your Church by Lane Harrison

Building a culture of church planting begins by making it personal to your people. When planting becomes personal, your people will pray for it, give to it, talk about it and celebrate it. These priorities will build a culture of planting in your church.