Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Lore Ferguson Wilbert is a writer whose deepest desire is to adorn the gospel in everything she says and does. She lives in Colorado with her husband. Lore writes regularly at Sayable.net, and you can follow her on Twitter at @loreferguson.

Dec 23

The Problem With Our Complementarianism by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Value all of the workers, not just the ones who put on a suit and tie, or plaid and cords, at 8am and come home for dinner at five.

Apr 8

Lip Service Theology by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

When I fret about life, time, finances, relationships, I'm tempted to control them for my preferred outcome. When I rest in the giver of good and perfect gifts, I see every allowance as unmerited favor and can walk in the confidence as one who is held by the God of the universe—the perfection of every attribute. 

Mar 30

Why I Am A Complementarian by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

You may call me foolish or underfoot, you may even accuse me of being blinded by my male leadership, and I am okay with that, because here is what I know . . .