Lucy Crabtree

Lucy Crabtree is a Communications Specialist at the University of Kansas. She holds a B.A. in English from MidAmerica Nazarene University. A native of Kansas City, Lucy now makes her home in Lawrence, Kansas, where she is a member of Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church. 

Aug 13

Who Are You, Lord? by Lucy Crabtree

When he does not heal us the way we want to be healed, it is not because our afflictions or convictions overwhelm him. 

Jul 16

Learning to Talk About Disability by Lucy Crabtree

My prayer is not for my disability to show you something lacking in yourself, but to demonstrate the wholeness of Christ. 

Feb 21

When You Are the Old-Timer by Lucy Crabtree

We ought to be the most hospitable toward the sojourners among us.

Feb 8

When You Are The New Kid by Lucy Crabtree

Roll up your sleeves, labor alongside them, and love them.

Sep 2

The Daily Manna in Unplanned Singleness by Lucy Crabtree

I will turn 33 soon. I was not planning on still being single at this age.