Micheal Pardue

Dr. Micheal S. Pardue, Sr. (Ed.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is a pastor and seminary instructor in North Carolina. He has been in vocational ministry for eleven years and spoken in over 50 churches in the U.S., Central America, and Asia. His book It Shall Not Return Void is available from Rainer Publishing. He and his wife, Rachel, have seven children.

Oct 18

Are You Desperate Enough Yet? – Part 3 by Micheal Pardue

May it never been that you get to the point where you believe that all things are possible for you—that you can do anything on your own.

Oct 18

Are You Desperate Enough Yet? – Part 2 by Micheal Pardue

We must become desperate to find favor in the eyes of the LORD.

Jul 7

Are You Desperate Enough Yet? by Micheal Pardue

I was recently conversing with a good friend about the spiritual condition of the Church. He made a comment that I am sure is not exclusive to him, but struck me deeply: “We are not desperate enough yet.”